Rolled over by the Tubbys

2 debutants as we get together to take part in the Stanley Circus Team Event with 10 teams of 10 involved. Mr Entertainment is working till 6.30 at a well known stripper pub in town so most of us decide to meet up there and its an old haunt of my younger town trailing days and oh my god it hasnt changed since all that time ago, even the carpet is the same and was a task in itself to get to the bar and get away from it cos the floor was that sticky. Full of stripey jumper shell suit mob and even the Geordie Dansa was in so our rivals Teamtubbs must of felt well at home as we watched a couple of decent strippers and listened to radgie Mr E rip the piss out of everyone. S2C was well impressed Im sure with one of my old haunts!!!
Stripper 2 especially was very good and was a mini version of Pamela Anderson.
How much is a decent boob job these days?
Couple of more drinks at another pub then into Circus preparing to do battle.

Cracking turn out to be honest and a great atmosphere building although disappointed we kick off late which me n S2 know is gonna cause major problems later on as we had realised the structure put together was wrong and the early chip starting stacks were far too high and blind levels far too long for the type of competition it was.
Alot of banter had built up at the forum especially between us and Team Tubbs and I had even put well restricted betting odds up with us obviously very short favourites to add even more friction. Accepted an individual bet from one of their players of an even £100 to which team would finish highest.

100 players, 10 tables of ten with 3 players from each table going through to next round of 3 tables and then 3 from them 3 giving a final table of 9. Many ways to pick up bonus points and points awarded accordingly as each player was eliminated.
Very happy with my table and position on it although I know Im on one the toughest tables in the competition with some very good players. Play alot of pots 1st level trying to catch a biggy and slip just below the starting stack of 5k when I get AA in level 2 early position for my raise to be met by a re raise by guy to my left. Tell him Im not bluffing and Ive got a monsta mind speech and he says " Get ya chips in then" so I quickly accept his invitation and push em all in and with abit more speech play get him to call his stack off. Flips AK off weeeeeeeee and a nice double. My next BB the same guy pushes his last 700 over and Im looking at Kh10h. Tell him Im calling although I know Im behind but my Mrs told me she loved me with all her HEART before I left home and as such thats a good enuff reason to call through superstition alone. He flips KJ but his hopes are soon dashed when K 10 4 flops and he tells me to give his regards to my Mrs. Good humoured fun and all taken in the way it was meant.
With a decent stack now was pretty standard stg tactic stuff and a few blind rises later had 5 players left and take a nice pot holding AJ on an AA flop and get paid off by guy holding A5. Had Morlspin to my left and he was low stack of table and obviously going to push at his 1st opportunity and chose my BB to do it which I call with KhJh against his 10 6. He hits his 10 then goes on a golden run to give himself a healthy looking stack which then became chipstack leader of the table. Now just after this is when my problem came as our dealer nipped to the toilet for a piss and no other than team captain of TeamTubbs sits down offering to deal and gave some speech about only wanting to do it to give me total shite cards etc. Take down the 1st hand he deals so give him abit of small needle back but then following lap the sb Morlspin limps into my BB on 300/600 when Im holding Q4. Flop comes 44A rainbow and its ck ck. Think turn brought 9 and he checks so I bet 1200 and he pops it to 3600 and I shove for insta call. He turns over A 10 so hes drawing to 2 outs of the 2 last Aces weeeeee and Im basically through to the next round. Speech from Tubbs the dealer now and its " Fk me what a pleasure this would give me if I could deal a river Ace, can you imagine it"
OH my god you can guess whats coming and he peels off the Ace at the river and hes screaming his head off in joy as Im gone to the only guy at the table that had me covered. Gutted gutted gutted but hey ho way it goes and still have most of team going strong.
We eventually only get Mr E, Jimmy Chipmunk and Xenocode through to last 30 and to have any chance really now we need those 3 to final table it.
Jimmy Chipmunk who although pissed from being at a corporate invite at the match all day was in fine form and makes final table and the singing of "Dont mess wi da Chipmunk" to the music of another one bites the dust was hilarious but Xenocode falls at the bubble on his table so for any chance whatsoever we need Mr E through and his table was the last one running. Massive crowd around table and bubble situation when guy from Teamtubbs pushes raise from sb on his BB and Mr E shoves all in. Guy needs to call all his stack now to stay in and makes the call turning over K 10 weeeeeeeeeeee as Mr E flips AA. K flop and horror 10 on turn as Teamtubbs go crazy and poor Mr E looked totally drained as he had battled his way back from 2k to a position of actually winning the table.
Final table and Chipmunk went out 5th I think pushing with QQ and called by AK for K river and the story of our night it seemed.
Final table became a joke to be honest with alot of bad stuff that happened and arguments about certain etiquette and the points situation but eventually it was announced that the last 2 of the Jolly Miller team needed to be 1st n 2nd to prevent TeamTubbs from taking down the title. 1st & 2nd would get them a DRAWN result. Last 3 and they still had the chance to do it when its announced a chip count will decide the competition at the end of this level. Pure pressure last 12 minutes and with the clock ticking away and last hand dealt it cudnt of been called how this was going to end. Player one folds and player 2 announces all in for which player 3 from the Jolly Miller needs to call in order for them to tie the competiton and also whoever wins this hand will also win the individual prize as well of £300. He makes the call showing down KJ for other guy to turn over Ad4d. Crowd are all over the table and screaming at each other and the flop brings 2 diamonds. Turn brings a gutshot draw for the KJ and he needs the 10 but not the diamond of course.

RIVER 10 OMG the place was going crazy and ya just could not have written this in a book.

Tie for 1st place Teamtubbs and the Jolly Miller so well done to them and omg I now have to face at least a week at the forum and some big stick from Tubbsy. I even have to wear a Sunderland shirt now on Tuesday at Circus as part of our bet and banter we had going.
Oh well just have to grin n bear it I suppose and take it as a bad day at the office. Getting ya arse spanked aint that bad and Im sure we will have our revenge next time round.

Final word for Chipmunk- so pissed called off 75% of his stack with 33 thinking he had a straight yet still final tabled and finished 5th. Star of the night Jimmy and deffo a hit record with "Dont mess with da Chipmunk"


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

I got to admit i love diesel it just flows so nicely and when you dont drink that much anymore it plays havoc with your school of thought i also flat called with a full house because i was scared of the river flush but obviously i didnt realise the board had paired.
9 hours at the poker table and all i had to show for it was a mcdonalds breakfast but great craic and the gods decided the dobbers were def not winning this one and tbh the dealer cheering DC's demise was not on really you can get lucky but you cant buy class,apparently

TEAMDOBB said...

Thanks mate nice words.
Its easy outplaying someone but it aint so easy being vul

mag1892 said...

well played chipmunk , u deserved better.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

we all done our best and with a bit of luck who knows,great day,great craic and great hash broons