Its been a while but hears some plumbers crack

Well not posted for a while (probley cos i only sing when im winning) but been waiting for something positive to write about, tbh im still waiting :). As we all know i hav nt been working at all for about the last 6 months just pissing about playing poker thinking im loaded lol well hit the skids last week and cant get a job fkn depressing like, but one good thing is i got xmas out of the way when i was running well (fkn hell sound like fkn bluescouse).
Anyways what the fk am i on about there has been something good happening, my young poker prodigy "canonlygetbetter" has been running like god he even made it onto teamdobbs due to a family berievement for a team game at stanleys, which i must say was a real scream and i enjoyed it from start to finish with Mr E djing at idols beforehand had me in stitches, aparrantly it got abit shitty later on, not to surpriseing really as everyone had been over indulging allday, but great day all the same, well done stanleys.
Oh yes its the "pipefitters brawl" on the 19th also known as "blackeye friday" its when the whole pipefitting trade hits the toon have to much to drink and start telling each other how they really feel about each other lol, so think ill be there probley end up in pool of spew in a shop doorway fkn freezing me pods off like last year hee hee, then on the 20th ive got the kids at an xmas party at whickham club which is really a piss up for the fathers while the women entertain the kids through the lounge thats why i cant commit to going out on the night for ya birthday cgk sorry mate but this has been planned for a while hope all goes well. While im on hope you all have a merry xmas and happy new year.


acesnext cogb said...

weeeeeeeee cheers sensai,not quite God but some good results none the less. hope things turn 4 ya buddy, Can't keep a good dog down !