BIG 40

19 - 12 - 1968

a momentus date above as it was the day i came into the world. however this date 19 -12-2008 is one i would like to forget as it means, as you all know by now, i am 40 years old. brief history of my life to follow, but , as i have told phil mac and dc before, i am 3/4 of way through writing a book about my life so as to ensure more sales i shall not reveal too much in here!!!. lived in london till i was 18, moved to wakefied and lived with my nan and grandad, who i loved dearly and sadly neither are alive, for 2 years until i met my first wife and moved in with her. married to her until 2002 when i met dawn and made my way up country to gods land and integrated with the most radgy set of people you will ever meet(geordies). hand on heart best thing i ever did as you lot are the most friendly bunch of people i have ever had the pleasure to meet or know. had my own business for 13 years and have a nice life. got into poker in 1988 when i was 20 and have been playing ever since, although the game has moved on and evolved unbelievably since i started. in those days it was taboo to mention you played as if ya did everyone thought you were a degenerate gambler and i remember telling my mum and 2 days later i got a gamblers anonymus leaflet in the post!!!!!!!!!!!, now its come full circle as my mother(61 years old) can now be found playing on various on line sites spending her pension!!!!!!!!!!!!! to me poker is , and always has been, more about the social aspect than the money and thanks to the friendly nature of you northernors and the npf i have made many many great friends through this great game and for that i am very grateful. as my 40th birthday draws to a close i have been pondering things and thinking about the very few things i have not done that i would like to have done before this day. a list of which follows:

1, shagged kylie minogue - always thought it would happen and was sure when she sang ' i should be so lucky' she was thinking she should be so lucky to let me in her pants.

2, climbed mount everest - would have done this 5 years ago but when we arrived at base camp i checked and found my sleeping bag had a hole in it and the glass in my scooby doo thermos flask had broke so had to abandon the effort.

3, bungee jump - got to the top but the guy said that ' due to me being a fat bastard he was not sure the elastic would A) hold my weight and not snap and B) whether it would retract in time to stop me smashing my skull on the floor - so i decided to abandon that effort as well

4,stop smoking - although i suppose this is a technicality as i have never tried but hey all you smokers know that cigarette after a meal is better than sex

5, stop and think before i act - just look at forum this week for this to be explained. however in my defence i have always been this way and thats me. what ya see is what ya get. one thing i dont do is bullshit i shoot straight from the hip and i always say things the way i see them.

ok couple of thank yous;

firstly the obvious me dad, god rest his soul, for getting me mum steaming some time in march 1968 and doing the deed.

to my wife dawn - a complete geordie radgie who twists on 21 and is completely mad i love ya babes

to dc and scott - thanks for the forum. a place where an idiot like me can post all his thoughts and show himself to be a twat sometimes cheers boys

to Mr and mrs e - 2 true friends who me and dawn love loads and who are great company and fun to be with.

to phil mac - the oldest 20 odd year old i know and my bestest poker mate

and to everybody else ive had the pleasure to meet through poker you are all top people who enrich my life with their company.

jesus cgk going soppy better stop now as im welling up. been a great birthday and to be honest ive not felt down or depressed once - maybe im growing up at last god my mum will be proud.

roll on 2009 when hopefully teamdobbs representing the npf takes down the forum challange and me and dc take the poker world by storm on our mini monthly tour of the bigger games.

happy christmas to you all hope yous all have a great time and catch up with yous all soon



TEAMDOBB said...

Very nice & good luck mate. Pleasure to have you on my small list I regard as proppa friends