What a small world it is!!!

Just shows what a small world it is. Whilst away in the CPC I noticed a guy there at the tables who after alot of his hands was making notes. Found this rather amusing and it was obvious from his T shirt he was doing it for his blog. I asked him if the notes were for a blog which he confirmed and during the CPC continually saw him scribbling away and was glad to see him make a final table where the note making continued.
Last couple of posts here and yip the guy from Denmark somehow has came across our blog and left a comment for a link up which i have duely agreed to. Small world I reckon and his sites worth a look at http://pokerbankrollblog.com/

P..S Hes the guy in the middle and you can see his note book in front of him and the guy on the right is a drunken English lad who to be honest was a proppa pain the arse at the tables, continually drunk and only interested in making a proppa nuisance of himself. Shame really because when you spoke to him when he was sober he was a "canny lad" as we Geordies say

Played the £50 £500 added 1st of the month at Circus last night and another great turnout of 102 runners taking everything into consideration.
The game was cruelty at its highest with the worst cards Ive been dealt in months and virtually impossible to even enter a pot never mind add to my dwindling stack.
Eventually have to push with Jc10c utg with only 4 BB left for Ah4h in the BB to make the call and Ace paid. Enjoyed the crack at least but total waste of 6 hours.

This Saturday sees the team together for 1st time in ages when we take on all comers in the Circus team event. 2 missing in Vegas Dave ( works Xmas do) and Karen3300 who seems to have lost his way abit and also has had the added sad news of a family bereavement.

2 newcomers stepping to help out are young S2C who should be suited by the structure and style of the competition and Aces Next the Poker Stars specialist who has been groomed by Gyposdog into a very useful performer and who is so hyped up the game its unreal. Whatever happens should be a great night out and the banter will be flying amongst the very tough teams battling out for the right of bragging rights of Circus team champions.


Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words. I used the notebook to remember key hands I played...otherwise I would have forgotten them for sure:-)
By the way, what is this Circus event you keep referring to?

PS: Should have talked to the English guy when he was sober and not "pissed as a fart" as they say in Darlington....he might have left a better impression:-)

Best Regards


TEAMDOBB said...

Circus is the local Stanley Circus Casino where I play once per week.

Ive changed ya link name as you requested

good luck