Dressed as a Makem but battled away like a Magpie!!

A promise is a promise and I simply dont go back on my word so after our defeat by Teamtubbs at the weeked my personal bet with Tubbsy had to be honoured. No dosh involved here just pure n simple humiliation for the loser and unfortunately it had to be me.

What I hear you ask could be worse than losing money? SIMPLY the agreement that the loser would dress in opposition football colours and play the Tuesday night tournament at Circus in them. So offskis I go to Circus arriving as late as possible so I could have the least time possible sitting there looking like a total knob in the shitty Red n White of the Makems amongst quite a few hardened Black n Whites.

Weeeeeeee no Tubbsy there with the strip and its hey ho maybe my lucky day has arrived but surely not, no way could Tubbsy allow me to get let off the hook like this. Sit down 50 odd runners and brilliant table with crazy Laker (behind me in pic above) to my left so I know Im in for a good laff and Lynne Beaumont Betfred Ladies Champion on my right when early 1st level guy in early pos buts decent raise in and I decide to flat call it with JJ for Laker behind me to also call ( hes already trippled his stack the fkn luckbox) Dont really know the raising guy and flop of QJ rag 2 diamonds is very nice. Raiser bets out I decide to flat to miss anymore diamonds and Laker stays in. King of hearts gets check from raiser and I decide to push having him on AK for insat call behind me by laker and hes straighted with 9c10c grrrrrrrrrrr. Double chance so its a double whammy when after shouting chips please Gary I get a tap on the shoulder and theres Tubbsy grinning like a Cheshire cat and holding out proudly in my direction the most shittyist Red n White old Vaux Brewery Makem top and even a fkn scarf the cheeky bastard.
Stand up and announce sorry guys about this but its purely payment of a losing bet and on goes the top and on goes the scarf as well in a tie like manner.
Dont know what it was but I seemed to get the shakes everytime I had a drink from my Coke and then later coffee. I do hope the stains come out cos I wudnt want to have damaged his precious top!!!!
To be honest seeing my reflection through the windows I quite suit red n white I must admit.
Me N Betfred Ladies champion Lynne Beaumont

Table is great crack I must admit and get a double when I shove pre with QQ to Lynne Beaumonts decent raise and its the normal race against AK and I hold. Never really stacked but just kept plugging away and before long its last 2 tables and forum member Roscopiko joins the table to add to the constant table talk. Rosco was giving me some stick when I fold when down to 4bbs then immediate next hand double up through him with JJ so I give him all the KOTLS patter ( King of the low stack) which was funny as a few hands later hes crippled and asking advice from me from which he goes on a run seeing him very nicely stacked as we reach final table but unfortunately losing Laker on the way.

Final table although quite short for me as Im low stack was great crack again with some proppa characters there including fellow Dobba "Dont mess wi da Chipmunk to my right. I eventually call with JJ to Roscos decent raise and Im up against AK. Mr Flushy himself Ben was dealing and to the crys of keep em low ben it was shite all the way until GRRRRRRRRR Ben wanted me no more and flips over the river Ace and Im out in 8th place.

Great night and throughly enjoyed it despite the attire humilation but hey ho its Xmas and red n White is the seasonal colours anyway ho ho ho.


Ukgatsby said...

couldnt you have bought a Sheffield United shirt and hoped that he didnt notice the difference :|

TEAMDOBB said...

The attire was supplied & fitted mate - sorry for the shock to your system

mag1892 said...

fair play dave , summit i couldnt do.

Amatay said...

lol, quality. u would have looked alot better in a hammers shirt thou

Amatay said...

alright m8, trying to sort out a raisetheriver team atm so should see u again early next yr. Dunno if u have contacted PFU forum if not i reckon its worth leaving them a msg like u did on rtr


theres a fish on there i kinda know called cottlad who helps to run it i think, tell em i sent ya :-)