Balcony in Dominican to Aspers Final

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee give up the pool bar and Miss Bikini competition to take part on the balcony in the Sunday Virgin Final for seat to Aspers and totally card dead for level after level until AA appears and holds and away we go. Big bit of luck at bubble position and pretty low pushing my sb A5 into AK BB but river straight and there we go.

Look to do better than my 18th of last year and qualified at 2nd attempt which Im delighted with.


Poker play the Soap way said...

Becoming the sat king m8 - wd

Jimmy Hiccup said...

well done m8 i couldnt play because i was playing in the inaugral Supa Snooker super dupa xmas poker Xtravaganza
great at the start but 6 hours later and treble vodka red bulls were the beverage of choice you can imagine the speed of the game,working out multi pots when 4 people go all in for 100k+ and have just threw there chips in and well you just had to be there :0(

Stu 'The UK Shark' Walsh said...

Well done mate! I'll see you there!