As 2008 drew to a close my poker for the year finished well before new year due to hols. What has 2008 brought me?

Another profitable year (4th in a row) and although the figures are small they are true to the penny and not like alot of others who like most gamblers do is tell you about their wins but then get a sense of memory loss when the losses mount up. I have no hang ups at all at the controlled level I play at and also am not effected at all by the so called "big boys" who claim crazy figure amounts being won. All I say to them is good luck and long may it continue but be careful cos this game has that awful habit of kicking you hard between the legs and that hurts!!! If you win big sums then use that money wisely and dot be a mug by giving it all back to the game.

2008 Live Play brought in a profit of £2369.50 and considering these figures take into account some several large buy in tournaments which included Vegas WSOP CPC GUKPT Gala & Stanley Genting then making a profit is satisfying enough for me. Most of the profit was made from the local games and with one decent cash in the major games then a totally different profit would be showing. Closest came with a 13th placed finish in the £100k gtd at Star City Birmingham

2008 Online showed a profit of £2161.50 which to be honest is totally acceptable to be with the micro stakes I play at and the low amount of games I actually play. Won my $5k CPC package online but this was not taken into account in the figures as accounted for Cruise n Flight Costs

What of 2009

Want to see the continued growth and expansion of the Newcastle Poker Forum but personally will probably try and play more good quality live tournaments. I want 2009 to see me make my 1st major tournament final table which I know is close but for this ya gotta be in them to achieve this.
Hope the UK Forum Team game is a success and look forward immensley to my 4th WSOP especially my 2nd Seniors Event which I should be much better prepared for.
September sees my sons 21st birthday for which another Vegas visit is his long awaited reward and something I know he is really looking forward to, wudnt be fair if I didnt accompany him on his 1st visit now would it!!! and show him around.

To all the rest of the team especially, all NPF members, readers of this blog and all the poker people that know me I hope that 2009 brings you everything you want but most of all - BE HEALTHY AND BE HAPPY as its two of the most important things in life.