Stumpy update

Alreet Stumpy here,

Played groves friday night £20-£10-£5 game on 7th May a really poor 16 runners turned out but ended up 2nd after been big cl most of the way for £160 plus some league points, the top 5 make it into a play off worth £5k in prizes im in 4th with 3 weeks to go.

Next game was the £20"20 tuesday circus game never really got going eventualy losing when I missed fd v flopped straight moved onto the cash table and knew it wasnt my night when these hands happen, blinds 25p-50p 6 limpers im bb j7 I check flop jj3 I check, seat 5 bets £5 1 caller then I call turn 7 it goes chch bet £5 I rerase to £15 1 caller rvr A I put him allin for £10 more he calls with aa wtf next hand I played im utg with aa limp and theres about 5 in the hand flop 983 sb bets £3 I rerase to£8 he calls turn 5 he chs I put him allin for £9 he calls showing 85 got a little bit back from there but still ended £60 down.

Back 2 groves on friday night but never got going until my qq runs into aa and im out in 12th out of 19 runners so 2weeks left in league hopefully 1 more cash will get me a place in the league final.

The groves has been done out and they have done a great job just need to get a few more runners but at least they are trying hard to attract the players.

Had 2 more players off the forum Delta Bravo and Geordie888 for my sngo training day today and they really were great to work with and hopefully learnt alot Delta played 6 and cashed in 5 Geordie888 played 7 cashed in 2 but was vul with 4 bubbles.Hopefully they can carry on what they have learnt on the day and start making some $$$ and I always give them my msn addy so if theres any problems or question they can get in touch and if im free I will help them out.

After the training day we had a 10 man sat for the £300 gukpt summer series at Newcastle groves costing £33 got a nice dup early doors v Scotty who had raised with 34 I flatted with kk I ch rased the flop of 346 he called turn K and we get it allin from there I built my stack up nicely and was a big cl when I get it aipf with KK v Teamdobb AK A on the flop and instead of having most of the chips in play with 4 left im now back in 2nd place,Teamdobb and me get hup and and it ends when I flop middle pair and fd v Teamdobbs top pair nd I get no help and im 2nd we agreed on 10% of the winners cash in the event gl Teamdobb wpwp.

Online Ive mainly been playing 9mans 12 tabling and playing and running well making a steady profit, not played many mtts in last 2 weeks but had 1 close call on the 40k g 7pm on stars 7.5k runners 36 left ive jj on button coff rases 5x blinds I ship allin for a top 10 stack and he calls tabling kk mmm 5x rase kk wtf oh well so near yet so far.

Im back to work and managed to get my holidays sorted for Vegas,Mrs Stumpy gave me the nod and im so excited as Ive never been before. Booked into the famous Golden Nugget as was best package deal I could get to be able to get same flights as most of the rest of the lads. Theres going 2 be about 20 from the NPF there at the same time so should be a good laugh, Im playing the $1500 nlh event in the WSOP plus 3 other mtts worth $2,245 Ive sold half my action on the forum so hopefully I can get nice cash to repay the faith of my backers.

Circus tomorrow for the league playoff 4k pot 70 runners hopefully I can beat my tenth place from last year.

keep on smiling Stumpy.


Daniel Trett said...

Nice read Peter as usual & good luck over Circus today, see you their.