0-60 in 5hrs :)

Well I turned up for the teamgame, thats about as far as it went.
Never got above starting stack and it was one of them days.
Got my last 2k in with 99 vs AA gg me, not. Out in time for buffet :rolleyes:

Get home fire Stars up, "oh yeah, im busto" lol, :(

Play freerole, go deep 209/3133 $1.10, :rolleyes:
Then enter + go deep in $1.10 1000max $1k grntd 28/1000 $4 :D
Enter 20-FPP $1k gntd, finsh 4/3500 $57 weeeeeee :)

If only I ran half as good at team game as did online , sigh :p