Beware the Hazbo King!!!

not been doing much tbh since the NPF Team game weekend apart from the odd forum game online and getting ready for Vegas in June. Mrs C is now out of plaster and on the mend managing on one stick now but main thing is shes up and mobile and even fine for driving her car now so can get out and about. The scar had healed great and Im sure come Vegas time she should be nearly 100% A OK.

Took in a VIP invite to the new look G opening night which ended up a very busy night but it seemed everyone was VIP !!!! Met up with a few at the bar and we decided to take in the free game upstairs in the new poker room, a free game but £3 re buy with 3000 starting stack. Ship 1st 6 hands 4 of which Im ahead but each time I get rivered so £18 down its fk it from me and wander downstairs to watch the Las Vegas Showgirls Cabaret Show until a cash game kicks off which I join.

Good table tbh with good mix on but after an hour or so and going no where Im beginning to get rather bored when Burrsss Hurrggg comes behind me and asks hows it going. Going no where I tell him and he says raise next hand without looking. I look down at 10 7 and with the new hazbo king in full swing at the forum I decide lets go. My raise is shipped all in by a stack of about £15 which I snap call to see AK. Flop is 10 7 and a weeeeeeeeee from me. Few hands later same AK guy ships all in for his last £9 and I look down at 10d7s so re ship to £20 to isolate. Doesnt work as bot end of table guy calls. Its checked down to river where 4 spades on the board give me flush to the 7s which is good as AK is tabled by all in guy again and caller guy mucks. Fuck me just gotta love this 10 7 mullarkey and when Indian guy on my right ships all in pre for £15 Ive got 10 7 again and make the call in 2 way pot. He flips A3 and flop comes A 3 7. His smile is soon wiped away when another 7 hits the turn and the pot is mine again. I eventually leave £180 up but with a new found love.

Take in the Friday G game to try and pick up some late league points and make their freeroll £5 game thats coming up. Very very disappointing in only 19 runners which tbh is a total joke with the effort the G have made recently and hopefully not a sign of the times. Chug along nice and take the add on at the break to give an above average stack but 1st lap after break I raise up in early position with 44 to get 5 callers and lead on a meaty looking 46 A board to be re raised by what I take to be a big Juicey Ace holder. Rest fold back to me so ship it to be snapped off by 66 and ciao baby ciao. Simply aint folding a set on that flop in that game.
Look down to see a very interesting looking cash table which although it includes some proppa cash sharks in Buzz, Farmer Dave & James Howard it still contained a few ready to part with some cash. I sit down to enjoy the craic which was great apart from Bling Billy hitting evry hand he played and was obv the table were after his rather large pile. Table improves massive when Faetzy sits down in a pissed state and tbh from there on he had me wetting myself with his antics and patter. The kid is a human comedy genius and I simply love being at his table. Win a few , lose a few, play some hands good and some fkn awful but am in decent profit but the old hazbo scoops again playing it 4 times and 4 times a winner weeeeeeeeee. Leave through tiredness tbh but about £100 up.

Saturday and we have arranged a £30 satellite at Bannisters HQ with a 10 seater sng for the £300 Main Event at Newcastle GUKPT Summer Series in June. Very strong table to be honest with 8k stack and 20 min levels. Cardguard gets there late and proceeds to lose twice in quick succession leaving him 2200 from his original 8k stack. I look down at 10h7h in 2nd pos and raise to 3 x BB for Russ the Suit to call seat 3 and CG ships his last 2200 in. I make the call and Russ gets out the way but shocjked to see 62 off against my mighty 10 7 !!!!! Flop comes 10 7 4 and ship the loot to the Hazbo. Make what I think is a good fold with top pair to weak stack Samj holding 2nd pair and flush draw not wanting to make him strong and soon after that he ships to limped pot with JQ to find utg limper holds AK and hes gone.
5 left and a raised pot is called by Stumpy but I ship all in with AK to be snapped by him holding KK. I make my Ace and am now chip leader with 4 left.
Cameltoe ships 1st pos, Faetzy ships 2nd pos, Stumpy folds A7 and I look down at QQ in the BB wqhich holds and we are hups now with a big chip lead.
Fellow Dobba Stumpy is a tuff cookie obv especially hups so decide no gift aid here although we do a deal for 10% in who ever wins the seat. I double him up calling his all in on a flop of J57 with 8s5s and although I make st and f/d on turn his 10 10 holds and stacks grew closer together although I dont think I ever lost my lead. I call his standard raise holding Kc5c. Flop comes KhJd10H to which Stumpy ships his stack and I make the call. He shows Jh8h for lots of outs but good old son S2C the dealer looks after me and I scoop the seat.
Even during heads up the old Hazbo looked after me as well and Im now a converted hazbo king so free info here, if ya playing me in a hand and the board is hazbowed you better beware!!!!!


bonus code said...

nice post!

Yorkshire Pud said...

Ten-seven of spades is my favourite hand, has been since I turned a boat with it in my first live poker tournament to crack kings. Weeee!

stumpy said...

n1 dave wish i ran as good as you sigh weeeeeee soon be vegas