Back to work

Alreet Stumpy here,

My son Craig whos 18 and has been watching and learning poker on and off for 3 years, hes already had a few nice scores live and online but Sunday morning he wakes me up at 9am, hes 2-7 in the $10 superstack and from there he crushes the field for 1st place for $4.2k his biggest win so far, nice one! just need to learn him bankroll management now erm gl me.

Played 4 times live in the last 2 weeks with 2 fts but not much profit,1 ft was at Circus last Tuesday when there was only 34 runners so just 6 prizes which is just about right but for some reason a lad wanted to do 4 bubble prizes which is a joke tbh, fuk me might as well run don mtts.

3 weeks left in the league and ive been trying to qualify with as little entries as possible but I think im cutting it a bit fine as im on the bubble for qualification.

Online ive been grinding the 45s and 9s making a steady profit but no mtt bink close but no cigar.

Did my 2nd training day, had two nice lads who really wanted to learn, and on the day one of em cashed 8-10 and the other ran bad but cashed 2-8 they gave me some great feedback and hopefully they will carry on with the strategy and make a nice profit.

Its the Newcastle Poker Forum Team Challenge this Saturday and really looking forward to it as last years event was probably the best and most enjoyable days poker ive ever had and i didnt cash,after finishing 1st and 5th in my last 2 teamgames for the dobbas and ending up on the winning team both times the pressure is on to carry this form onto Saturday so just got a do my best and hope the poker gods are smiling on me.

Looks like I will be going back to work next week, my knee is still sore and stiff after I go for a walk but im on half pay and I have been using my poker br to top up my pay which I hate to do as im a br nit.

So it looks like its back to the real world and combining my poker with my fulltime job of driving trains, oh well it was never going to last, sigh.

keep on smiling