Back......hopefully with a bang

Hi blogger world,

Been off the scene for over 6 weeks now so thought Id give you lot quick update as to why

1: Poker simply wasnt doing it for me so decided to force myself to take a break instead of playing for playing sake around the local scene. That had got pretty stale to be honest with very few games that were attractive and fields so small the time and effort hardly seemed worth it. I mainly play for the social aspect of the game and even this seemed to have changed and as such my enjoyment levels were at their lowest.
Its been 6 weeks since Ive played apart from one game midweek at Circus and today I make my return for the coveted NPF 2nd Annual Birthday/Awards bash at Grosvenor Newcastle and am looking forward to seeing their new cardroom layout. Hope theres a good crowd there, the cards are kind and most importantly for me I get a good table with some good crack on it.

2: Been busy on the work front with some new investment into a totally new computor network system being the brainchild of my son Scott with the intention to make our jobs at work easier, better and more efficient and to progress the business the direction he sees it going. Been away abroad visiting some new suppliers and also meeting some present suppliers which was interesting and fun and alot of benefit should come from that. Still very tough times ahead and whatever business youre in, it will have suffered lately not helped by the crazy taxation laws this country have which give no real incentive for people to work hard as your taxed for breathing too loud it seems these days.

3; Big upheaval at home featured giving into my wifes requests of wanting a new kitchen.

Not the simple job obviously as her idea of a new kitchen meant a total house change with basically the back of the house removed, changing the back door position to install special folding doors to bring the garden into the kitchen with a wall of glass and removing walls from the kitchen to the seperate dining room to create a large open plan kitchen dining room with a hihg tec, high spec gleaming white new singing and dancing room. Alot of research, alot of trying to find the right people to do the jobs and alot of money spent but the end result is BINGO and a total dogs bollocks job completed.

All in all a nice break and looking forward to the next few weeks/month with some interesting stuff.

Booked hotel for WSOP/Vegas trip in June and have sorted the games Im playing in which feature starting with the Seniors event at The Golden Nuggett followed by the WSOP Seniors Event at the Rio a few days later sanwiched in between a few hotel MTTs. Got a brilliant deal imo at the Aria. This is the new complex that opened beginning of the year slap bang in the middle of the strip next to The Bellagio and opposite Paris which we really fancied staying at. I have been holding back on booking and keeping a close eye on their prices and when searching the other day it popped up on a site I often use at the unreal price of £625 for 10 nights for the room (cheaper than a fkn Travel Lodge here ) Booked paid and happy and now I see that price was only ever available for 2 or 3 days weeeeeee!!!

Vegas should be really good this year in the fact theres a really good crowd going over from the NPF and a big variety of ages and games there playing should make it a very interesting trip.
Think Ill play the Coral Masters game at Leeds on the weekend before we leave which is the 2nd leg of a very attractive tour I hope to play most legs of.

Reet gotta wash me hair and make myself smell nice for hopefully a deep deep run at todays game.

Laters all and glad to be back............................. for now and hopefully back with a bang!!!!!


stumpy said...

welcome back and knowing you, you will be back with a bang