Thursday mtt update.

Quick update bloggers on the Thursday mtt sessions I'm experimenting with at the moment.

As picture shows, after another successful Thursday night session last night, I have reinforced my belief that playing less is keeping myself interested in the game and not getting bored by overplaying. I'm feeling fresh,excited and stimulated when I sit down for a Thursday session now, rather than playing any time I can.

I only played 7 tournaments last night which went like this:

$10+1 125/241.

$2+.20 rebuy 14/467 $24.58 profit

$5+.50 Limit Horse 3/16 $10.50 profit.

$10+1 48/131.

$20+2 6 max 47/87

$10+1 turbo rebuy satelitte to the 200k Sunday major. 1/27 $215tds.

$40+4 1/112 $1143.20 profit.

Last nights session pushed my ROI back to 85% (over $5k) for a small sample size of just 393 mtts.

Great session for me, railed by canonlygetbetter and Joblin on ft. Again, made a lot of mistakes as always, but none too costly to my stack at any point. (Need to "man up" an get aggressive when deep) but overall happy and enjoying my poker at the moment.
Look forward to (hopefully) next Friday to see if I can post more positive results.



mag1892 said...

wp dave , think i need some more lessons off stumpy. :)

Anonymous said...

n1 dave,keep it going

TEAMDOBB said...

wp mate