ok fellow bloggers

thought i would post up on here after last few days events and also cos i aint blogged for a bit.

Firstly - i hope you all understand why i have taken the decision i have to not be involved with the NPF any more. It has taken me 2 weeks of serious thinking but i reached this descision for my own sake really. You all know how much i do in regards to forum stuff and it has been my pleasure to do this over the last few years - however the last few months have not been enjoyable and yesterday i finally decided enough was enough. If im honest the main reason is i dont see why i should put myself out for ungrateful tossers and have realised that when i do stuff it is enjoyed by these tossers and that makes me an idiot. I know some of the idiots love trawling through everything i post looking to catch me out or pull me if i type one wrong word - so to those of you reading this - thats right you are tossers!!!

Would never post any of this up on the forum due to the respect i have for dave and scott, but my my real mindset at the moment is to tear all the fools apart in posts and i dont want to spoil the forum so thats why i have decided not to be a part anymore.

Have told davy i will do the forum uk team challange as i had committed my self to doing this and i do not let my friends down - so will be a great weekend and imo a good event for me to bow out on. The forum is much much bigger than any individual and my posting last night of my exit was not done so people would reply arrrr dont do it etc - i really really dont need my ego massaging by anyone - it was done so people will understand why they wont see me on anymore or doing forum stuff - makes it easier for me to explain once to everyone rather than everytime an individual asks.

im sure some of the 10% i mention will read this and im sure most will understand and know who i mean - but i wont spell out who i mean - just to say to them - happy days for you lot you now have what you wanted - nee more cgk to bother about.

reet another biggish factor in my descision was i have also really really fallen out of love with poker - in fact i would go as far to say i actually hate the game - so much so i have not played one game live or online for 10 days - i have just staked a few people online and think i will burn my roll off doing this and not reload.

Always been proud to be the kind of person who ' shoots from the hip' as they say and you all know that maybes i can be abrupt and kind of impulsive but i always say it just as i feel it

Im proud to be a dobba and friends with some great people and my association with the dobbas will remain.




TEAMDOBB said...

Bad bad news for the NPF mate.
Should always take one step back, count to 10 and think things through 1st before diving in head 1st

Top top geezer it wont be the same without ya

CanOnlyGetBetter said...

Wouldnt be Steve if he did that Dave mate. Thats why the other 90% love him !!!???!!???

roscopiko said...

sigh, enjoy your retirement

mag1892 said...

sad news to hear steve , think the door will always be open wide for you m8.
hope u dont be a stranger m8 .
and as far as them , well lets say f**kem

JJ said...

Bad news for us but thanks for the update. Hope all is going well with you in retirement.

koyte said...

so pleased ya still doing the forum game, you we be doing something you love to the majority who really care

speak soon
take care

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

You'd be no good working in a juvenile detention facility...or tho then again you could just twat the bastards..have a break and see how you feel..good luck

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

You'd be no good working in a juvenile detention facility...or tho then again you could just twat the bastards..have a break and see how you feel..good luck

david grayson said...

if you are in a hand of poker and are 90% favourite to win what would cgk do ?

if you fancy a horse that is 90% sure to win what would cgk do?

SO Why the fuck when you have as you say 90% of the forum behind you and appreciating what you do (more like 98% if the truth be known) do you leave..??
fuck em steve, get back to what you do best and enjoy it as we do, not an ego massage mate just fact.
you have a lot of freinds on the forum and the place wont be the same without your shite..

koyte said...

CGK Returns

the farewell tour at the team game will get the juices flowing
speak soon

Ukgatsby said...

Sad loss to the NPF
rather than post sent pm