A trainer and a train driver now!!!

Alreet stumpy here,

Following on from my 9th place in miniftops plo for $1600ish I take down the $10 Superstack on Fulltilt for just over $2k. Spoona was at my house grinding mtts for the day and when I had scooped he dropped me off at Circus where Mrs Stumpy and Young Stumpy had left earlier to play the £20+£20. They had bought me in and I didnt get there till midnite and only had 3k left but managed to sneak onto ft but bow out in 10th place. Mrs Stumpy continued her good run with another ft finally losing race to finish in 5th place.

Wake up the next day and I get a text off Spoona who played a few mtts when he got home and finished 1st in $10ko for just over $1k his biggest online bink so far and many more to come imo.

Last week was the NPF 2nd birthday game which was a great night had a good laugh and a few drinks and got to know a lot of the new forum members and catching up with others. In the game itself I had above average chips until pretty deep then went card dead and being on a pretty aggro table could never get my chips in, eventually getting them in with 22 v aa wp me.

Mrs Stumpy picked up most improved player of the year and I was so proud as she has went from not even knowing the hand rankings 2 years ago,to cashing regulary whenever she plays live,I also picked up the live player of the year award.

Saturday I did my 1st sngo training day,I had 5 members from the NPF at bannisters hq to teach them my strategy of winning at sngos and on the day the 5 players seemed to pick up and understand the strategy quite well with 2 breaking even and the other 3 making a nice profit. Alot more work to do but now they have a basic understanding of the strategy and with a little more help via the internet or maybe another live day Im sure they will be making a nice profit.I have another 8 players who have applied so will deffo be doing another day soon.

I would like to thank Teamdobb for letting me use bannisters hq,Dreamdobb,Spoona and Samj as I couldnt of done this day without them. Also the players who turned up who were a pleasure to work with.

keep on smiling stumpy


Danny said...

The training day sounds really interesting - good luck with the next day!