Fresh and back in form!!!!

Hi bloggers.

It's been a while since I last posted on here but thought it was time to put up a post of how I've been recently and how I've been getting on.

Last post I think I was going to start a grind from scratch on FTP but as always, I got bored played too much too soon and got fuckng bored with it to be honest and spewed what little cash I had on there.

About 10 weeks ago I decided to have a full break from poker and anything poker related for a few weeks. I refrained from playing, I didn't post here or the forum much at all in those 4 weeks and felt that the time I took reflect on what I want out of the game etc has done me good.

About 6 weeks ago I decided to reload on UB (something I said I'd never do on UB, and didn't)
so I logged on, looked at account and noticed I had the grand sum of $4 in my account. "I'll fuck about with this and see if I can spin it up first" I said to myself. BAM! 1st session, roll was upto around $100 playing sngs.
Next night, played a few mtts for $2-$5 and a few sngs and had a decnt session so decided to play a $10 mtt. 4 hours later I'd run through 199 runners and binked $537.30 for my troubles.

Since then, I've stuck to only playing on a Thursday and the odd Friday nights and have been doing well. The fact that all my time isn't being consumed by poker has kept me fresh, interested and hungry to win and increase the roll.

Fast forward to today it's been up and down, I've been playing above my roll but Thursday nights seem to be my lucky night and have improved the roll, banked a few quid (I'm not one for building and building a roll, I like to withdraw and enjoy the cash to make it seem worthwile) and having fun at the moment and most of all enjoying playing.

Recent results suggest to me that the limited time I'm allowing myself to play is infact beneficial to the way I'm playing (I think!)

A good session last night (suckouts aside) have had me regain my shark status on sharkscope for mtts on Cereus and upping my ROI on there back to around 80%.
Sharkscope haven't been recording stats on Cereus for that long, the sample size on there is very small but at the micro-small stakes it can be a slow and steady increase on anyones roll if you can take the ridiculous beats from really bad plays by some. (As McGoogle has recently shown in last months $500-$1500 challenge.)

I know a lot of the bloggers and forum lads say volume is the key to making money but in my opinion I feel less is definately more in my current situation and state of mind. My mindset in these last 6 weeks hasn't been about making money but just playing and enjoying a session when I WANT to play.
All in all, I've had a good a good few weeks, I'm enjoying my Thursday nights, feel I'm playing well and looking forward to the NPF Birthday game this Saturday on the back of a decent bit of form. See you all there and don't say I didn't warn you if I take it down, crowbarring Stumpy out of his seat on the way.
Just have to now convince myself it's a Thursday and not a Saturday though.


TEAMDOBB said...

wow nice results and alot like how Ive been feeling

stumpy said...

who r you lol nice 1 cowhead and great results