Happy Birthday

Quick update post to follow on from previous.
Happy 2nd birthday NPF and 85 runners took their seats which considering how many regular forum members were unavailable to make it was superb taking everything into consideration.

Played in the upstairs cardroom I get excellent table which included Cardguard, Spoona, Mr Entertainment, Mono. Mr Nice Guy, Gary Wilson Junior and S2C.
The game played itself for me tbh and after losing 2k bluffing from a 7.5k stack with a missed up n down draw I didnt leave myself much room for error. This was made worse when calling my initial raised bet with KQss to Cardguards low stack ship to find he has AA and then soon after that win a race with CG when my AK made Ace on river to his QQ.
Dont know how tbh but make final table eventually going out 9th shoving JQcc from button in unopened pot to be looked up by Mulhuzz with A8 and dont hit. 2 pairs in over 10 hours 33 n 77 and AK twice n AQ once tells ya what total crap I had. KQ was my most often dealt hand I was getting and is my new utg mover lol!!!!!

All in all an excellent day and once again alot of very positives to be taken.

Big well done to Dave "Smoggie" Grayson in taking it down with the added bonus of a £300 GUKPT Main event Summer series seat and I know how much the win meant to him especially being his 1st Live Game win and for S2C for finishing in 6th place after being down to just over 300 chips in level 3. NPF full report here

Tuesday sees the Circus £500 added £50 monthly and 120 runner field will probaly contain yours truely.

Until then everyone be happy and run good


BH said...


I owe you some staking money - but lost the thread on the forum with the details. If you can let me know your alias on Full Tilt or Stars then I will get a transfer sorted ($50 I think?)

Still reading the blog and enjoying the banter, I'm sure I'll get round to playing you all again in a live game soon.

TEAMDOBB said...

ill send it to ya blog Ben cheers