Radgies owned again!!!!!

Always tough when youve been away on ya jollies and more so when youve been to Vegas and the WSOP to come back down to earth and slip back into the normal day to day life routines. Its actually harder as well the older ya get and its no difference this year especially sleep patterns. Been struggling with this since my return sleeping at stupid times and wide awake at others but its also not been helped by some well received final tables.
Take in the £2k guaranteed £20 D/C which is superb value, get my final stamp on my card for their promotional free watch lol, and with 89 runners its extra value again.

Make it my 3rd final table from 4 games played since getting back and great pleasure in me n Chipmunk totally owning a couple of the Radgie team.
Was involved in a few cracking hands during the tournie including turning quads 3 way all in with other 2 holding top n bottom straights and make final table 2nd in chips.
Final table was very interesting and in early stages of it was alot more tighter than they normally are. Over n hour in and still we hadnt lost any of the final 9.
On my 3rd raise in a row with 88 and position to 2 lower stacks its obvious by my stack and sized bet I aint folding the hand to any shove yet guy sticks his chips in obviously thinking his Ace 10 is good and tells me he didnt think I would call when he flops his 10 and scoops the pot. Same guy shoves me off a pot with 2nd pair K when Im out kicking him by pushing on Ace board at the turn and then later in game when making a move on him with J9 his K4 call makes trips on river after I flop my 9. Eventually I take him out with my Ace holding to his raggy Jack shove when low in last 3.
Best part of the final table was the banter n wind up from me n Chipmunk with 2 lads from the forum who are part of "Team Radgie"
Team Radgie are a group of over 40s poker players put together by my accountant " Looseman" and their group include some very integral members of the NPF. The crack/craic between us can be from one extreme to the other but always very entertaining and certainly adds to alot of local games with the tit for tat exploits n piss taking we do to each other.
5 handed and Apokerlypse & TxTrev from Teamradgie both have monsta stacks yet push the self destruct buttons and go out 5th n 4th respectively as me n Chipmunk power our way past them and when I take out the Ace 10 man in 3rd its a nice evenings payday for £520 each for £20.

Supposed to be playing the Circus monthly £75 game today but after getting in at 5.30 and up for work at 8 i just aint capable of it and decided to give it a miss to recharge the old batteries.

Big thanks to UKGatsby who has awarded us blog of the month award and also a special award for our Greg Raymer scoop at the forum. Its nice to know that some people out there read and like what we do. Thanks to Steve Holden as well for his special mention for me at his excellent blog.


Anonymous said...

FT yet again...N1 wp wp. Piece of cake this poker lark :)

WD DC & Jimmy

pete juicy oranges

Jimmy Chipmunk said...
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Jimmy Chipmunk said...

vwp sir,weeeeeeeeeeee