May the force be with you!!!

alrit stumpy here,

Its been a quiet week of poker, no live games but still grindin the sngos +$240. Nearly played the Teeside £500 main event but decided 2 wait till bankroll got a bit bigger.Watched it on Nutz tv which is excellent coverage and railed Mark Trett npfer 2 victory which was a great result. Nice 1 Mark

Was at work a while ago and was sitting on platform 2 waiting to go to Sunderland(im a traindriver)when this little old lady taps on the window,She looked like Yoda from Star Wars,she says "is me friend on the train?" I say no and she walks away then I think how the hell do I know who her friend is unless it was Luke Skywalker lol!
I get the buzzer 2 leave and I was just pulling away when I hear screams from the platform. I put the brakes on and look out of the window 2 see Yoda holding onto the back door getting dragged along the platform!!!
Conductor gets oot and helps her up, she seems ok so he lets her on and off we go. I get to Sunderland and change ends. Im walkin doon the platform and Yodas coming towards me. I say "are u ok pet? she says "aye nee thanks 2 you !!!you said me friend wasnt on the train and she was .........speechless!!!

keep smiling stumpy.


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Thats hilarious i'm shocked at you Peter could have killed a harmless little old lady!