Not quite the Master!!!

Coral Teeside Masters and full field of 100 runners. Rumour was they were adding couple more tables to take it to 120 but staff/dealer issues changed this.
Meet up with Juicey, Soaps n Rosco for a quick drink before shuffle up n deal and away we go. Nice opening table and even have lad from forum I know to my left. Quite active early doors picking up pots n hitting cards. Even pick up couple of premiums that get paid. Steady grow then couple of setbacks with dubious plays have my stack on yo yo and then pick up KK last hand before dinner break. 10 9 3 flop with 2 in the pot including a very aggresive Chinese local and Full Tilit from forum. My bet is called by FT and Chinese guy folds. Safe turn card and I lead out quite strong to be called again. River brings another 10 which I dont really like but dont want to check and my attempt at leading for 3k is ruled as 1k string and Full Tilit makes it 3.5k to play. Dont snap it but eventually call and his 89 is quickly mucked.
23k at the break and well above average so feeling good. Lose 1st hand after break with 10c4c in my BB to limp pot after leading into 664 flop. 3 turn didnt really scare me to guy left in pot but did when he called my turn bet. Simply cant check imo at this stage and K rvr I continue bet and he calls and tables the straight with 57.
Sit fairly tight for couple of orbits then lose bad pot in my BB again. 3 limps into my J7 and we see flop of J74 ( 2 diamonds) I lead out for pot to get one follower. 6 on the turn and I pot again for him to stay with me with 3k left behind. 5d river gives me the straight but Im sure hes flushed it. His 3k goes in and yip rivered Ace 2 of diamonds for flush. Very very rare I tilt but must admit was on semi tilt here and shudda got up and had 5 mins away from table.
Guy to my right took down 2 or 3 monsta pots ( AA v KK started it ) and when he called a decent early raise and I found AA I was sure a ship here would find a call so in it went. Original raiser folded and after tanking for ages CL folded as well boooooooooo showing 99 n other lad had 88. Needed that call as after that hit bad card dead session.
Got my pal Juicey Oranges come in seat to my left and had couple of pots with him but soon after that with last hand of table before getting broke up aggressive button makes standard raise to my BB on 300/600 and I find AQ. 15BBs shipped and happy to take it there and his tank time tells me Im in front. Eventually he calls but tables AK. AK10 flop but no miracle J and Im gone with 40 odd left.
Didnt want to hang around so left straight away giving couple of forum lads lift home and tbh when I got home felt really pissed off about poker. Hopefully a few days break will do the trick. Couldnt complain with cards I was given during tournie just didnt get the breaks needed and could of played a few hands better being toally honest.
Going back today 2nd in chips is Mark "Pokerstars" Trett from the forum so good luck to him. Deffo got a big game win in him and wont be long before its coming.