Sing when i'm winning !!

OK readers,
I was invited into Teamdobbs a few weeks ago now but been waiting for a positive outlook on life before breaking my duck and making my first contribution to to the blogg. But shit happens and things just keep taking a turn for the worst, talk about grey clouds, so now's a good as time as any!

Most of you will know me as CanOnlyGetBetter on the NewcastlePokerForum and use the alias AcesNext on most pokersites. Been a member of the NPF for a little over a year now, was introduced to it by a very good friend of mine and fellow Teamdobber, Gyposdog. Never looked back since joining NPF, made so many new friends and had many a laugh along the way.

Gypo kindly took me under his wing and brought my game on leaps and bounds, and considering Id only been playing since the turn ov last year was a major acomplishment and many thanks must go to him. Within weeks ov Gypo's help won my first MTT on Pokerstars, $10 - 2000k runners one , won roughly $2500 had a few decent results since then but never over $4k. I think over the past few months I've took a step or two back in playing abbilities for sum unknown reason but Im thinking it's probably down to lifestyle and the ongoings of behind the scenes to the poker., not to mention BRM, or lack ov it.

Had an excellent job this time last year but got paid off in March and since then aint accomplished much, never had any money worries back then and since then I think the money aspect has played a big part in my game, playing scared is the correct terminolgy I think.

The last 3 leagues i've participated in Iv'e finished 2nd in all, the NPF live league, managed to secure a seat into the £200GUKPT side event, 2 online syndicates on Pokerstars via NPF, one for the GUKPT ME and the most recent one into the CoralBritishMasterTour at Teeside, but unfortunatley 2nd place didnt win anything in them 2, and if memory serves me correct MrCardGuard scooped both off those, (see, all the best players are Dobbas) . So for a fairly new player to the game I was still well chuffed to have had decent finishes in these especialy as the quality of the opposition was second to none

Lately havent played live much at all, what with little roll, well no roll (the bank has seen to that) havent been able too but hopefully with a well paid job just around the corner things could well change. Have the possibilities of a job working away in Dublin on a long term contract so fingers and toes are firmly crossed and just awaiting that all important phone call

Heard the saying, "when it rains it pours" well went for a family outing yesterday. Was heading to the Wildlife Park in Barrow on Fairness, was half an hour away when the Audi fkd up, Injector pipe decided to fracture and squirt desiel allawa the shop. Smoke bellowing out and with the smell ov fuel quickly got wor lass and the 3 kids( 2 hers and my little laddie) onto the grass verge at the side of the busy duel carriageway(not recommended). long story short, AA man with us for 1 and 1/2 hours trying to fix it, nee good, recovery truck took another hour to get us, then he says he clocks of at 7 so wont be taking us the whole way back home, drops us at another service station and wait another hour for diff recoveery truck to take us rest ov the way FML. took from 1.10 to 7.30 just to get home, talk about a headache, and to make matters worse been told it's ganna cost in the region ov £250 to fix, fk nars where am ganna find that from, ARGHHHH. (can feel the grey hairs sprouting as I type)

Well feel am rambling on a bit now and I've squeezed enough of "about me" into my first post, dont want to bore u guys ha. Hopefully my next post will be full ov sunshine and happiness, Hey, i have a wonderfull family, a beautifull Girlfriend and my health, I cant complain really :)


TEAMDOBB said...

welcome young Gedi

mag1892 said...

hope things pick up for you soon m8 , looking forward to seeing ya.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

When your Audi goes wrong you know you are running bad m8,the only way is up welcome to the Team

stumpy said...

nice 1st post paul nd you r rite health nd family the most important things in life c u soon


change yah name to luckbox !!!!!
welcome to the team
however with this invitation brings great responsibility over to you son

cowhead72 said...

Welcome mate. Good first post and nice to meet you on Sunday.

gyposdog said...

things will turn round mate they always do was in your shoes last year for abit and it just seems like one thing after another just keep ya chin up and keep smiling.... much ya want for the audi? :)