NPF version of If by Kipling

The NPF Version

If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on bad cards

if you can trust yourself when all other players doubt you but make allowances for their bluffing too

if you can wait for a good hand and not get tired at waiting or lie about ya cards, don’t lie to the dealer

or being hated, don’t give way to the haters
and yet don’t look too strong and don’t talk too wise

if you can dream and not make your dreams the master

if you can think and not let the dream overtake this

if you can handle triumph and disasters
and treat these two imposters as the same

if you can bear to hear truths you’ve spoke
so you lay traps for the fools to fall into

or watch the hand you’ve gave chips up for get busted

and stop and build them back up with suck out after suck out

if you can make a heap of winnings during the year
then risk it all on the turn of the river card
and lose and have to start all over again
and never tell anyone of your bad call and loss

if you can force your heart and nerves to take it again

to stick round after the turn when all are folding

and hold on in there when you aint got nothing in ya hand except the will to bluff and win which is the game of hold-em

if you can talk amongst a crowd and keep your virtue or limp along with kings and not lose your nerve

if neither friends or foe can hurt you if they call
and all can count the outs they have but the”re not enough
if you can outlast that last man in the last minute with sixty seconds of pure aggression

then the poker world and everything in it is yours

and which is more- youll be a real NPF poker player my son!!!


cowhead72 said...

My fave poem.