miserable fecker

Alrit stumpy here,
Im over the moon to be the newest member of Teamdobbs.It was only last November when I introduced mysell to Dave Collins,it was at Stanleys I was telling Jimmy Chipmonk Id won a place on the CPC Poker Cruise on Interpoka.He said DC has won 1 too he pointed him out so I went over to introduce mesell,Id been on his table a couple of times in Festival events but hadnt really spoken to him before but he seemed canny,
Jeez how wrong could I have been he gave me a very lukewarm reception and didnt seem interested!
When I got home I told Mrs Stumpy who said maybe you caught him at a bad time!!

We had only been on the ship a couple of hours when we bumped into Dave,Sandra and Scott had a good chat and agreed to meet up later for a drink and from there spent most of the cruise together havin a great laff usually ending up in the "dog n duck" Pub with DC nd wife Sandra( lovely and very funny lady)Scott daves son(a lovely lad)nd Soaps nd his Mrs who were great company and a great poker player shown by his result of 6th in main event nice one, that was the night of the pic of him smiling lol.

On the last nite we were all quite merry nd DC turns 2 me nd says "I always 4ght u were a miserable fuker ,so i tells him straight I most people do say that to me like!!!we just burst oot laffing.

Hopefully they change there mind when they get 2 know me better lol.
When I got back from cruise I joined the NPF and since then I have met some great people all because of the forum events Ive been 2.Probably wud not of met them proppa but for the forum and now we consider them firm friends.

cheers STUMPY.


TEAMDOBB said...

ha ha ha quality pic n 1st post. welcome onboard mate ship ahoy!!!! plus a pint of Guiness please

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welcome aboard stumps domination of the radgies next, have to say you never struck me as a miserable bastard ( but if the cap fits lol )