Basil Brush ran so bad!!!

Miss my normal Tuesday game as want to pre reg down Teeside for the Coral British Masters so with Roscopiko n Can Only Get Better we head down to Smoggie land. We are playing the satellite £25 rebuy for the Main Event to try n get in on the cheapo. Went the scenic route via Stockton as Rosco likes the countryside and arrive in good time only for Can Only get Better to get refused entrance for wearing tracky bottoms.
He goes off across the retail park to find some suitable trews as we register and I face a problem straight away at the cash desk. Im there not only to register for me but also for Juicey Oranges whos coming up from Manchester at weekend to play and for Soaps as well. "Got to be on the premises" wtf is that all about. Im refused and told they gotta be on the premises to register. After a long discussion with the cardroom manager and explain the situation and how can they expect someone to travel up from Manchester on the day of a £500 tournament to possibly find on arrival the game is already sold out. Eventually they see common sense and allow me to register for them.
Open my 2 envelopes I have containing £20 notes and FML Ive forgot that I took £500 out of one of them for something else work related and Im cash short now. Felt such a prick after the lengthy discussions Ive been through but put it through on my debit card.
Can only Get Better is sorted with £3 jeans from Asda George and looking reet dapper so all sorted now and 30 odd runners kick off with 2500 stack. Alot of chip gamblers as you expect and after long period with very little I ship with 77 to a raise but his QQ call does my 1st stack in. Max spend of £50 here for me so after reload Ive decided no more spendies.
Call raise with 8s7s and 8 with flush draw keeps me in and weak turn bet as well so when my flush makes on river I ship it in and eventually he calls with his 2 pair and Im in the game. Guy goes on semi tilt after that and donates some more before busting out with awful river bet bluff on a paired board with guy full up.
2 tables left and pot has made 4 seats with £100 for 5th. Have Can Only Get Better, his dad and Jimmy Chipmunk on the table. Chipmunk ships 77 to be called by AK and although he hits his 7 on the river the AKA flop sent him packing. COGB then raises from pos 2 and is called from the small blind. On a flop of K 5 10 he looks at the sb after she checks the flop and asks her how much she has left. 150 she says and explains she didnt want to go all in as if she missed she could still get away from it ( very sarcastically) Better then sticks in 200 chips and she calls asking what you got. COGB proudly announces 5 SET OF!!!! and she very neatly says 10 SET OF !!!!!
Betters face was a fkn picture I tell ya. Damage done he exited soon after.
Make final table and Can Only Get Betters dad has a huge stack yet decides to involve himself in a hand he had no need to that does him serious damage. He then loses a couple of pair v pair hands and incredibly doesnt even make a seat which to be honest he could of folded his way there he had that many chips.
AA and the QQ v 10 10 made me safe and eventually I call for 9k with 55 with 2 smallest stacks in and my set take them both out.

One piece of sad news was on way home and Basil Brush makes an appearance across the A19 motorway and 70 mph splat aint good for a foxes health Im afraid as i hit him wheel on.


COGB said...

You swerved to hit that fox ya shady buga !

and them jeans are some quality
George Jean wear, me new sunday best :)

PS N1 on ya scoop

david grayson said...