53 on the way in!!

Just like to start by saying congratulations to James Akenhead of the Hitsquad in making the final table of the WSOP Main Event. Megga achievement by a player so highly rated by so many in the UK. Nice bunch of lads who have all had their fair share of success and Im sure alot more to follow.

Only played live once this week on Friday at the Grosvenor with their £20 D/C offering a guaranteed pot of £3k if they get 110 runners and £2k gtd for 50 runners. Game fell just short with 106 runners and apart from having a cracking table nowt much to write home about. Table had CardGuard, Mr Entertainment, Stumpy, Xenocode and me all sat next to each other and when I bust out Jimmy Chipmunk ( sorry ChipmunkDobbs ) took my seat.
Played very loose as the crack flowed and after picking up a couple of decent pots my raise with JJ is called by Cazmac. 10 high flop weeeeeeeee but my pot sized bet is single re raised. Alarms bells and shudda been easy fold to the player in question especially with how confident she looked but I take another card which gives me straight draw and when she shoves I decide to fishy gamble with my 1st stack which misses as she flips AA.
Play the 2nd stack even looser which is unusual for me and after having to fold 10 10 on bad board I end up shipping into massive value pot with KQ only for Cardguard to have AA which scoops. Played bit of cash and get nice double up of £85 but after a couple of hours and bored out my head I call decent raise with 8s6s and the up n down flop gets all my money which misses to AA. Strange I can sit for hours n hours in a MTT and not get bored yet anytime I play cash Im bored straight away.

As the title says im on my last week of being 52 as next Friday sees me hit the ripe old age of 53. Son asks me what I want and I suggest some concert tickets. Blogged ages ago about a R&B American I like called NE Yo and he was performing at the Metro Arena on Saturday night. Off I goes with my son and we spent an hour at least trying to find someone in crowd that was older than me and FAILED miserably. So fuck I say, I like his music and nowt wrong wi that. Had a good night and even got a complimentary meal at Circus Casino after popping in to feed the need. Cheers to JimmyB.

Probs play Tuesday game at Circus and next weekend its Teeside bound for the Coral British Masters which Im really looking forward to. Laters all and good luck.