My first diet

Hello all

As the title indicates I have started my 1st diet I was sitting on the settee after a shower and I looked down and seen just a big lump of fat and 2 boobs (not man boobs real boobs) it was a digusting sight and I now have a very painful neck after trying for an hour to suck one of the said boobs!
I weighed myself on sunday and I was 15st 7lbs and for the next 4 weeks I will be eating nothing but salad,chicken fish etc just to see how much I can lose I havn't got a clue how much to be honest but after driving taxi for 9 years I have ate nothing but garbage and gourged on cream cakes which I love also I have half a bottle of red win before I go to bed.
So for anyone who reads this I would like you take a guess on my weight come Sunday 16th August,I wont be doing any exercise and I will be drinking on the 1st tuesday game at circus oh and there are no prizes for the closest guess unless Dave 'Teamdobbs' Collins would like to donate a cardguard :)

Pokerwise I cant really have any complaints. I have finished 1st(chopped with TD) and 3rd in my last 2 ventures to the G's Friday night freezout and if not for a few coolers I would have had a few more results lately to but to be honest my hearts not really in it anymore. I am just sick of crap tournys with even worse prize money and even if there are only 30 runners there are still 10 prizes a total waste of time so I will now be diverting my attention to the £20 rebuy on a Monday night at Teesides Gala which has been getting regular 5k+ pots,I enjoy playing down there as they are a very friendly bunch and the craic is spot on so I look forward to seeing a few of you down there

Reet am off to munch on some Ryvita laters all

Jimmy Chipmunk (its only been changed on the forum!)


TEAMDOBB said...

13 stone 7 lbs please for me and YES a donated cardguard for the closest guess.
Play less games Mr Consistent and choose them more careful.

Anonymous said...

16 stone - Mullet

Anonymous said...

16st 3lbs
slimline dream,

stumpy said...

14 7 good luk

Anonymous said...

Ironic that I got weighed Sunday after seeing my fucking fat self slobbing about and I weighed 15 stone 6 lbs!

Fuck the diet mate, cut down on the booze (my biggest calorie intake) and buy EA Active Personal Trainer for the Wii.

Great bit of kit, thank me later

Yorkshire "soon to be buff" Pud

Mair said...

14 stone 1lb

GL with the Diet!

Anonymous said...

15 stone.
You need some exercise to burn it away mate. Walking to the casino doesn't count. larfingravy

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

15 stone

cowhead72 said...

14st 2lbs

vegas dave said...

13 stone 10 please, you need to exercise as well dave to burn the calories, eating sensibly will get some of the weight off but a bit of exercise will give it extra momentum + you will feel better. good luck