my poker life so far.........

Alrit Stumpy here,
Just 4ght I wud tell u a bit aboot my poker history,1st seen holdem when I used 2 come home pissed on a Friday nite with me curry nd seen Late Nite Poka on the telly was around 2001 I think, luved it nd when my mate at work said he was playin online I cudnt wait 2 get home nd hav a crack at it.Deposited $25 and played a sit n go finished 2nd nd that was me hooked ran the 1st $25 up to $275 and I 4ght I had it made then and lost the lot. In the meantime I was reading a lot of poker books so invested anutha $25 and ran that up 2 a nice amount.After about a year playin online we had a crack of playin live at Stanleys it was a £20 rebuy we didnt have a clue how 2 play rebuys but we kept goin and after a couple of months started winnin regular.My notable achievements so far are 3 festival final tables 1 main event,won the Aspers league 1st prize was a trip for 2 to the Aussie Millions in Melbourne(crown casino was awesome)Virgin Festival Terminator champ,online my best cash was winning the $35k gtd on Ipoker(titan poker) for $8000.
At the start of this year set my online goal 2 play 100 sngos per week hopefully at a ave profit of $3 per sngo meaning I could make about $14k a year. Soon realised due 2 work,family and playin live there was no way I cud play 100 per week probably only make 50 a week so target reset at $7k.This is wot Ive done deposited 600 into Full Tilt and started playin $20 9 seaters $10 45s nd $24 45s got my br upto $2k and started 2 play some small buyin mtts got it upto $4k so now just starting 2 play $30 9 s nd $50 9s 2 c how I go. Current br stands at $5200 would a been more but at start said strictley no cash but I played 4 cash sessions losin $800 so deffo no more cash!
keep smiling Stumpy


Ridla said...

Onwards and upwards Stumps

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Doing it right m8,gl