Playing whilst Pissed!!!!! Expensive Game.

Areet lads.
After only a few outings in a long time to play live I thought I'd come through to the Grosvenor last Friday and play the double chance.
I arrived, early cos my mate would only drop me off right away so he could get back home to demolish a bottle of Vodka he bought seeing as his lass was away on a hen night in Edinburgh.
So I arrived at 7pm. No'one there really, spotted spoona playing BJ so decided to go outside for a tab and drink my pint and get myself focused on the tourney.
About 7.30. Rosco and missus turns up (from the NPF). Ive been speaking to Rosco a fair bit online lately and can say he's a good lad from what I know of him. Say "hello" and go back outside with another pint, piss about with me phone before the tourney starts.
Go back inside for another pint and find my designated seat and OMFG what a draw.
I have some tall kid in a blue trackie top to my right. Who I found out was Samj (another NPF'er) to my left is Rosco, to Rosco's left was AKVID (Stars Sunday Mill Winner from the NPF too).
I think I'm already tipsy cos I thought some lads stack was bigger than mine and presumed he had took his second lot, so I asked for my second lot of chips there and then.
All's going ok till I pick up JJ TG. I raise it 4x to 200. It folds round to Sam who tells me he's a defender of his BB and calls then checks in the dark. I don't know the lad at all, or his abilities from just a few hands so I go to the flop with an open mind.
FLOP: KK9 rainbow.
I know I should bet out for info here but look at the flop and look at Sam and we both start laughing. I check behind. Pot: 425.
Turn: 9. Sam leads out 75, I really don't like my hand now after playing it so badly on the flop and call behind.
River: Brick. pot: 575
Sam bets 200, I call, thinking it's cheap and it's early and I want to see his hand.
97 FOR FULL HOUSE. WEEEEEEEEEE! First signs the beers kicking in.
Sam then proceeded to play a lot of pots and took his extra chips and went down to 2000.
Blinds are 50/100 now. It's folded to him in the c-off and he raises to 900 wtf?
I peer down at my cards and peel back AA.
Now I have a problem because of this wierd bet. I have Rosco and Avkid in the blinds behind me and I'm obviously giving them credit for being good players. So a flat seems really suspicious.
I know after the opening bet they aren't coming in with us anyway so I decide to flat and hope Sam shoves any flop which I expect. They both fold and the flop comes KXX.
POT : 2100, Sam has 1100 left in his stack and he leads out for 100,,lol,,wtf is that?????
This really done my head in now,lol. WTF IS THAT BET? I decide to just shove, he folds,lol.
Again, not thinking clearly, beer deffo kicking in.
Anyway, few pints later and a table change I sit down on the most mental table I've ever sat at. Talk about coincidence, I met a lad from Seaham at Aspers about 3 years ago, had a bit crack and exchanged email addresses etc and met up and played again a few times. Lost touch about 18 months ago and recently noticed him as a friend I might know just last week on facebook.
When I moved tables this lads sitting on my left and we laugh like fuck about this coincidence.
About 60 minutes of craziness pass (and a few more beers, and Ive had a player call for a ruling on me for not announcing a raise when I threw some chips in a pot. Candice made the right ruling btw (for once I here you all shout)
Rosco comes to the table and sucks out on a few kids (god he runs fuckin good)
Anyway, as usual and me being a twisty get I lose with 33 v A9 AIPF.Flop 3 and kid hits runner runner for A high straight.Lose AK v QQ AIPF. I flop K and he hits Turn Q (OBV)
DOM (Another npfer) comes to the table and replaces my long lost mate.
DOM seemed like a very nice lad but I think he may not have taken to me much as I was now pissed and talking a load of bollox.
I then get called when I shove with 10,8 from the button (being pissed I didnt notice an early pos limper and the SB and BB called behind me.GG me.Sit down to play PLO cash. Sit down with akvid again, Imi (another fucking npfer) Rosco joins us (fuck off man Rosco, you stalking me or what?) Farmer Dave (yet another), and a few others.I havent got a fucking clue what we were talking about now, I can just remember pissing myself laughing the whole time sitting at the table.
Even when me and avkid shove on a flop and I have fuck all but some sort of shit draw and avkid has bottom pair (2's) and a draw. We both brick the world and a pair of 2's win in fucking Omaha WTF?LOL. (about £80)
Anyway I manage to get up off the table after a losing about another £50 and a few more pints. Dump £25 on a Bj table and drag myself outside to get picked up off a mate who works as a Taxi Driver.
Stop the car half way home and vomit out the door and get home smashed, £180down and eat a Chinese our lass had ordered earlier in the night.
Wake up at 11am. Our lass spitting feathers cos I spilled curry on our new, cream, living room carpet,lol.
Ill all day, broke, our lass not talking to me, but had a cracking time.
But, MY GOD! It's expensive playing poker when you're pissed!