Welcome to NPF Mr Raymer

The flight back home from Vegas wasnt as smooth as hoped when on arriving at Vegas Mclaren Airport we are informed our flight is delayed over an hour. Get comfy in the deaprture lounge at one of the few power sockets and fire up the lap top. Amazing how quick the time goes past with that little piece of technoly purring away on ya lap.
Chatting away to a mate on msn whe he tells me "Michael Jacksons dead" Fuck off I tell him ya taking the Michael here but no he confirms its on Sky News. I think the people around me were of the same frame of mind but soon the news spreads like wild fire around the airport.
Get into Gatwick ( what a dump of an airport ) over an hour late which unfortunately makes us miss our flybe flight back to Newcastle by the time we get through customs n get our cases. Another £360 lighter and we are booked onto the later flight at 4.30. Just found out Virgin will connect with Flybe as a special all the way route if ring them direct at customer services. This way if its Virgins fault you miss the connection in UK they get you on the next available free of charge.

Free watch on offer at Grosvenor if ya get 4 stamps on special promotion card and with 2 weeks left and 2 stamps needed I aint giving this baby up without an effort so after travelling half way across the world and had no proper sleep for god knows how many hours Im regging for their Friday £20 D/C Freezeout just before 8.00 pm.
About 2.30 am Im busting out in 8th place for £90 BUT IVE GOT ME WATCH CARD STAMPED WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Play the new monthly Aspers £75 Deepstack the following day and with a good turn out theres a decent pot up for grabs. Play alot of early pots with wide range of hands and some juicey concealed made straights get my stack moving in right direction in the early levels. Mid levels Im well stacked then make a basic mistake when guy early position makes standard raise and I should of re raised with my JJ holding but flat which allows the BB into the pot. His 54 flops 2 pair and costs me badly in very juicey pot. I then lose standard race 88 v JJ and after table move I get my stack back into good shape but bust out just short of final table when my KK fails against guy with AQ all in pre flop.
Tuesday brings some amazing news when none other than Mr GREG RAYMER who Mr E did an interview with at the WSOP actually looks up the NPF and JOINS AS A MEMBER.
Play the Circus Tuesday £30 D/C and after an early fishy winning decent pot when holding straight flush draw all the way my river 9 is too good for guying leading every street with 88. Good table which included Hamid and Roscopiko and as usual enjoy the banter n humour with Mr Piko who I do enjoy playing against. Table moved and down to nitty gritty of last few and a couple of shoves and scoops I grind into final table with probably 3rd lowest stack. Lose one guy early then double through and double through again in decent pot calling Mr Rocks shove with him flipping JJ but my 77 whips his arse when nice Mr Spoondog Dealer flops QQ7.
Loaded now and Im deffo taking this down I reckon but after losing Rosco in 9th I find QQ in early position and my strong raise is met by shove from guy I have covered but not by much. Snap call to see AA and big damage. How the fuck Spoona the dealer didnt drop my Q Ive no idea. Wow I run so bad!!!!!!!!!
My next big blind Mr Solid and big stack next to me puts in expected raise and my J9 Im sure is live and enough to go with. J9 v AK but once again Spoondog badly lets me down!!!! Come on Spoona sort ya self out mate but hey ho anutha final table and some small profit.

Announce an addition to the "Team" of a superb writing talent we discovered on the NPF and Im sure his contributions here will be well accepted. Another addition has been informed whos been waiting patiently in the wings but we are just waiting for the lazy twat to activate his account and fire his intro and picture over to me which he should do in the next day or two.

Final watch stamp weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this Friday and another very good game on Saturday at Circus to look forward to in their £75 Deep Stack Monthly game.


Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat as you coming back from LV with the flybe connection in October. Think I've booked same flight as you 1230?
Why the hell Virgin don't make it clear they can do connecting flights!

Just a thought, but would your travel insurance cover it?


TEAMDOBB said...

they dont do that as it obvious it costs them money if they have to load passengers free of charge onto connecting flights.

Insurance wont cover this as its basically 2 seperate contracts Ive entered into.
1st one is for Flybe to get me from Newcastle to london & London to Newcastle which they did. It wasnt their fault another airline caused me to miss my booking.
2nd contract is also complete as Virgin although 90 mins late did do what I paid them for and that was to get me back and forward to Las Vegas within their conditions.

Travel insurance will only cover costs of the providers being unable to complete their part of the contract. e.g. if Virgin failed to get me back to UK on said dates then expenses incurred here in other country would be covered.