sunny southend

Hi folks been a while since I lasted posted anything , due mainly to the fact I haven't been playing live/online much at all , just been going through a spell .

well been on my hols down at my brothers in sunny south end and they weren't kidding with the sunny bit , been so hot down there i bought my first pair of shorts since i was 16 , and wore em lol , u would understand the lol part if u seen my knees.

anyways me and my brother and a few of his mates decided to play the rendezvous on the sat night ( rendezvous is owned by the empire in London ) we get in for 5.55 and pay the £25 for the freeze out , there's a massive 17 runners with a starting stack of 2.5k ( yeah lol ) , i get knocked out by one of my bros mate who called my Allin my with 10 10 him with j4 off ( excellent play lol ) , anyways we decide to hang about and play some sngs , i win first 1 , then come 2ND in the 2ND 1 , just as we are finishing the 2ND one my bro and 1 of his mates come over and say u have to come and look at this , so i follow them to the end of the card room where the cashiers desk is , i look at this Chinese fellow ( whom i remember from the last time i was in south end ) cashing up chips to the value of £90.000 he had 5 orange chips worth 10k a piece then 40 green chips worth 1k each , now Ive seen this guy play before in the mint and he was totally mad £500-£1000 bets every spin , the funny thing is he looked sad , i would be if i only won 90k as well :P.

play a few homes games during the week and Ive never been so card dead , not a single high pair , in fact i think i only had about 10 pairs in total out of about 20 hrs of play .

Wednesday decide to play down at the mint casino on the sea front , lovely dedicated card room downstairs , would love to have it in Newcastle , by far 1 of the best Ive been in , shame they dint get full every night , there's about 40ish runners £30 freeze out , card dead again , but i got tripled up just before break when I'm on BB and 6 limper's for 150/300 , Ive got k6 flop comes out kk6 , so i just check ( hardly played any hand ) guy in seat 6 bets 900 ( weee ) guy in pos 9 calls , so do i , turn brings another k ( how do i get more chips ) ive got 3.4 k left and i think if i go Allin they will think I'm weak cos Ive not played a hand , weee both players call , 1 has jj the ohter has a 7 off ( yes i know ) , manage to make ft still card dead , and go out on the bubble ( 7 pays ) with kqd on 800/1600 blinds ive got 6.5k and im bb in 2 .

Thursday decide to go down again , for the £40 1 re buy/addon , same again total card dead , and some shocking play with players raising with q7/96/k5 and getting called with equally bad hands , glad i was cd tbh , manage to get to break with 9k in chips and decide not to re buy , pot is now £1200 ish and top 7 get paid , make ft again and yes i manage to bubble again .

Monday night go down again for £30 freeze out , and again total card dead , glad i got my ipod touch , anyways i don't play a single hand for an entire 2 levels , not playing tight , but if u seen what i was dealt , and then seen what the rest were playing with u would understand , last hand before break guy utg goes Allin for 3.8k when blinds are only 75/150 I'm on button i look down at ak , i call instantly hes got a 3 d , my hand holds with a k hitting the flop , come back after break and decide to open up a bit gonna play more connectors , looks down at 10js blinds are 200/400 guy to my left raises to 800 so 7 calls 9 calls and so do i , flop is as qs 4s royal draw with flopping flush also , i check guy to my left goes allin for 8.2k others flod and i call , he turns over qj eh i think , anways get to ft 2nd in chips , first hand im on button guy in pos 7 raises to 4k with blinds at 600/1200 i look down at 77 so i call , flop is q 7 2 rainbow , i check he bets another 4k , i flat turn brings 8 , i check he bets 4k again i think there's enough lets see if he has qq , i raise 8k on top , he folds , then the inevitable happens they change dealer and yes im card dead again , with utg players going allin nearly all the time , never seen so many short stacks survive so many allins with worse hands than callers , blinds are now 2/4k and ive got 22k , i look down at 88 and ship it allin for guy in seat 10 to instant call with kk argh , and yes im out again , 3 fts in a row and 0 profit lol.

back home today and going to play stanners tonight , please let me have some cards , bye bye for now , good luck at the tables all.


stumpy said...

hope ya luk changes nd ya brother has your sense of humour putting those posts up on forum lol