Hit one Miss one

Virtuall nil online this week again but did play a league game at another forum site and was hit over the head with the "hammer"
Know and played against most of these players and when a guy utg made it 300 to play on level 2 at 50/100 I decided lets race if ya want but in most cases he will fold to my AcKc. Its much of an insta call and he flips the MONSTA of 7c2c and the "HAMMER" is raised to strike. Flop gives him an up and down and the turn brings me my K but down it comes on top of my head when the river makes up his straight bottom end and its a nasty hurtful blow. He went on to finish 3rd at least and even took out S2C from final table as well.
We also had the 1st of our own NPF games online on Monday with 200 euro added to the prize pot by the site. Game although very enjoyable with the good crack and decent turn out was somewhat spoilt by a cock up with rebuy info and basically lack of it that fecked up a few players me included. I go out pushing with 55 but 1st position decided that JQ was enough to call with and as expected hit her Q.

Played my usual 2 live games this week at Circus & Aspers.

Circus and a 70 runner field which is excellent for a Tuesday night and good table as well. Nice mix and cruising nicely along. Took small hit to stack when my 10 10 is damaged by AK but can get away from it at the turn and just above average chip stack at 200/400 when I get AA utg. BB is the previous AK guy and I know he aint passing for my opening bet of 2000. If I get another customer I decide Im probably pushing on flop but its just me and him as he makes it up. Flop is Jc9c3d and I bet 2500 after his check which he calls. Turn brings 10c and possible flush and straight draws and he puts rest of his stack in which is identical to mine. My Aces are red so Im relying on a total bluff or draw and decide to call. He flips Qs9s for his up and down but bang Kc appears on the river and Im gone. Dont normally let hands bother me but this one played on my mind all way home as to should I played the hand different. Disappointed as was really enjoying the game and feeling confident of going deep.

Aspers £50 game last night and although not the best quantity of runners theve been getting it certainly was a very strong and quality field. Even Vegas Dave Harris is in and I give him the get ya ares on blog and post summit or ya sacked crack.
Got really tough table which included Jimmy Chipmunk 2 to my right and his assessment comment of the table summed it up very well in "ganna take some getting chips here"
Added to my stack at slow but steady flow and as we got to the nitty gritty a nicley dealt AA got reasonably well paid on an Ace flop board. Make final table and although its 10 seater theres only 8 prize payout and although mentioned to pay 10 two players want it kept as 8 only get paid. Table gets off to a flyer when guy 2nd pos pushes in early position and I let 77 pass but BB with monsta stack makes the call and shows 22 to guys AK push. Quack quack holds up and my 7 hit the flop. Wudda been nice double and decided then fk it Im pushing with any decent hand I get now. Next hand guy in early position pushes and BB insta call flips AA to guys AdJd. 2 diamond flop gives the AJ hope, blank turn but diamond river makes his hand to cripple the AA and his stack. Its cash bubble time so looking good to at least get a return when guy UTG makes it 10k to play on 1500/3000 and Ive got KK. Hes got about 12k behind and I decide to flat call his bet to a Q rag rag flop. Happy days I reckon and I push to his check which he calls and flips QQ. FFKS looks like bubble boy here I come, blank turn and saviour K hits the river. What a cruel game it is and I rake in nice pot. Small stack busts out few hands later so down to 7.
Next lap though and its ciao baby ciao when my total mis read of guy betting 10K early position (mid range pair)based on hows hes played all night at my table. Ive got 99 and push to hopefully take him off hand and also didnt realise he had as many chips as he had. He makes call and shows JJ. I announce "dam I need to hit my 9 and I fancy this". Winning hand puts me 2nd in chips.
Flop was a wowzza and makes the hand play itself anyway even if I had flat called when it comes down 9 J J Woooooo flop the house but face quadzilla baby.
Double me money for small profit but at least the final tables are coming back and Im happy how Im playing.

Forum Championship game is coming fast and really looking forward to that and need to sort out arrangements for CPC in November which is something else thats highlighted in the old diary.

Good luck to "Spilla" this weekend at Aspers and hopefully he brings the goods home.