OMG Teamdobb to sponsored pros rescue!

As you can see from last post Spillas month of paid in games is over and I think he has done himself proud with some sterling performances. I have also been well pleased at how Spilla has thrown himself into the whole aspect of the thing and even hows he promoted stuff.

As such how could I not return the favour so when he got on the telephone to me today asking what I was doing as I was at work I replied whats up?

Gotta go to work he says and last 30 odd of 180 seater on stars. Nee probs I say Ill play rest of game for ya.

2 fkn hours later and Teamdobb takes it down for him and $216 weeeeeeee.

Sponsor rewards the sponsored wow what a cheek!!!!!

Lol at this--- Aspers £20 Freeze Out other night and the one n only Joey Barton with bouncer in toe takes down the tournie.
Shouts at end when he wins - " Get in there, 1st win bonus of this year" True Story!