Shippppppppp ahoy Hopefully!!!!

The week started crap when waking up Monday and as well as feeling total shit I had this awful pain in my back and felt like Id been 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. End up it seemed biting everyones head off at work for nowt and on getting home S2C suggested we start a fitness regime.
Get me outta bed in the morning he says and Ill jog with ya. Feeling fat and old aint nice and when ya hate running as well getting up at 7.45 in the morning to go running just doesnt fill ya with joy but hey if I dont do it nee ones ganna do it for me.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday n Friday all see us up at 7.45, brisk stroll into jog and back for shower. Tell ya what although Im aching like I knew I would Ive certainly felt good and alert at work and need to keep this schedule up. Caribbean Poker Classic coming up in November and gotta look lean n mean when I gan to the sunshine.
The Sunday finals are running out fast and I got into this weeks cheap enuff through the satellites so keep me fingers crossed. Going anyway and decided to spend few days before hand in Miami sooner than going onto Vegas as previously planned.
Reason for this is that S2C is coming with me n the wife and hes not 21 till next September so would sooner he went there for his birthday next year when he will be old enough to get in places and play poker.

Local live scene and Tuesday its £30 Circus Freeze Out but never in game even though most players except me kept picking up monsta hands at our table with one player being dealt KK AK suited AA AA then QQ virtually one after another. Bust out on push from sb with only 4 X BB with Js7S for BB to make call with A3 and the Ace paid.
Gave my normal Thursday game a miss as S2C wanted to play Friday Grosvenor game from its new schedule and new start time. Booooooooooo crap turn out and game began with only 20 runners eventually rising to 30 which is terrible and also considering 7 of these were a birthday party of guys up from Peterbrough for the weekend.
Had best table of the 4 and although dealing the crack was good having Card Guard and John Devlin at the same table with me.
Bust out soon after the break when I make up the 4 way limped pot from the small blind with A8. On an Ace flopped board I decide to push and get 2 callers and know Im in trouble. 1st guy shows KQ and other guy shows A10. KQ hits set at river and Im busted. S2C is still in so decided to join the £1/£2 £200 max cash game.
Good old 86 and 97 pay me off nicely and by time S2C busts out in 12th I leave game £100 up so its a freebie and pays for Spillas sponsored games this weekend.