Time for a Break and to Grow Up

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Well it has been coming. The last 3 months since i quit work I have been playing poker full time. Most people would think that this would be amazing. However, the stress that comes with it is really intense ( im not sure if i ever would want to own my own business after this ). The first two months I was flying winning about £4k and the £7k. This month has been an absolute disaster ending in my biggest loss for months the last 14 hr session of about 1600£ and for the mnth I'm probs about 5k down. Obviously there was alot of bad play in there after I got the red mist but so many sick beats on the river its ridculous and the draws I have I never hit so obviously you aint gonna get paid. Well decided to pack poker in for awhile. I don't even enjoy it anymore and find it very boring. I really do believe the poker bubble will slow down not end mind but deffo slow considerably. I have noticed it on the regular tables its just the same old faces and every now and again a mug comes along. However these mugs are now unlike 12 mnths ago reloading less and less.
The final thing which has mademe decide to get my arse into gear and look for work is I just think the skill factor in poker is very small. The main thing is "who makes less mistakes" and not really skill. The luck element to poker is so massive.
Well good luck to all of you for now.


TEAMDOBB said...

mmmmm hearing so much of the same lately. People need to realise why & what they play for

gyposdog said...

ffs someone hide his coldplay albums

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

By my calculations you are making 2k a month you start and finish when you want with no little hitler to answer to,there are not many jobs out there that are enjoyable and the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence i think you just need to move your pc to a room that allows more light in and buy yourself a tropical fish tank,sorted.