Tough Week

Well its almost exactly a week since i first posted and the news is that there is nothing to report.
Tuesday I was drawn in the dealer seat, which was the second month running this has happened, I didnt mind dealing before the break and we were told the dealers were going to be moving around after the break, so no complaints. I got a few good starting hands in the first 2/3 levels, KK AK and AA, all holding up except the Aces, a bloke rivering a flush - but i layed my one pair down to his ridiculous oversize bet. Was sitting fairly comfortable just around my starting stack with the break drawing closer and made a good call for half my stack with 77 to 44 only for him to flop a set. The same player removed me after the break when he reshoved with QQ to my shove with AsQs with a reasonably low stack.
Saturday was very frustrating, had been building it up in my head after a week at work and a chance to escape the really bad rain (Aspers casino has no windows for the uninitiated). I never really got above my starting stack and bluffed half my stack away to somebody who either had me crushed or a really good read on me. An incident i witnessed on saturday - a late registree joined our table, stumbling over from the cash desk holding a glass of coke (later found out it was JD n coke) and awkwardly climbed into his seat. He spilt a good amount of his drink on the player he was to be sat next to, an iranian man who i have seen before and know him to have a loose, aggressive game as well as personality. The man began to say something and it then transpired he was foreign, swiss infact. He apologised numerous times which infuriated the amn further, as he was trying to say 'forget it' and then ' just stop speaking to me'. Next hand the iranian man raises 7x bb and the swiss man (completely hammered i add, as i realise i havent already mentioned this) calls. Everybody else folds and the flop is A 10 6. The iranian man fires out a pot size bet and the swiss man raises half of his stack (twice the pot at this point). The iranian shoves and gets immediately called showing 8 8 against the swiss A 10. all in on that flop for just under 8.5k on 25/50 blinds, he gets no help and is eliminated, the swiss man holds out his hand to be refused by the angry iranian man who i later saw hammering a slot machine.
The swiss bloke had managed to tilt an opponent without playing a hand then knocking him out with his first hand. I would find this funnier had the swiss bloke not gone out to prove to be a pain in the arse, pissing the inexperienced dealer off consistently, who to her credit asked the card room supervisor to watch her to make sure she wasnt making mistakes. He was so blatantly drunk and in my opinion should not have been allowed to take part in the tournament. The cardroom manager at one point had to resort to consficating his drink until he had finished in the tournament, but for me prevention in this case would have been much more preferable than the remedy.
Sunday, was equally frustrating, only one had before the break getting my 4k stack in preflop with KK versus AK and it holding up. After the break i hardly played a hand due to playing tight and another attrocious run of hands. My tight image was not unnoticed and i did manage to steal on a couple of occasions, which made the hand i went out on; even more surprising. on the sb it was folded round and i raise 2.5x with 8 6 leaving myself 3 bbs, and the BB called me the flop was Q 8 2, so i went all in for him to have called me pre flop with Q 2. not too many complaints other than he should never have called me as he didnt even have average chips at that point.
The week is behind me now and after struggling to remember a lot of it, will easily forget it and try and win myself and teamdobb some money next weekend.
One last point from last week's game at circus is congrats to teamdobb for his cash and great play with 8 7 (i think) against the lad who crippled and then knocked me out!


TEAMDOBB said...

Nice detail Dan to Dan ( assume it was him) - only fkr I know who behaves like that.

Better luck this week mate and it was 86 or was it 87 , sure it was 88? never mind must get these steamy specs fixed properley!!!!