Usain Bolt watch out

Ok people listen up. This December will see the first ever 'NPF PUB OLYMPICS'
Details are listed on the forum and anyone who wants to enter needs to post their intention to play on the thread. Its gonna be a great laugh so come join us and have some fun.
On a personal note my poker month so far goes like this. SHIT SHIT and SHITTER.
in fact so bad last week I nearly went 3 rounds with a cocky little 22 year old gay looking fucker with a bling cap on and an attitude Hellmouth would have been proud of. Not going into details read forum for that but suffice to say if this is whats to be expected at live games now then I will give up playing live.
Forum championships getting nearer and excitement is building so lets hope for a full field for what will undoubtedly be a great fun event. NPF TV will be in attendance, as will it be at the pub olympics, so footage and updates will be available.
Also I believe a couple of team games in the pipeline so once again will be a chance to show everyone the strength of Teamdobbs - so ffs lets actually win one of these boys bragging rights are so important.
Right work to do so signing off
see yas all later


TEAMDOBB said...

Teeside beckons man matey divnt panic.
New team will take the Circus down pal nee probs