oscars next

alreet people.
Firstly let me bore you all with the news i have a new video camera and a shit hot video editting programme. i have been messing with it for 2 days and posted a highlights package on the forum and im currentlt doing 2 more. spielberg watch out and im sure oscar nomination just round the corner.
Reet jokerstars - this site caused my blood pressure to go off the scale in a 26 hour period not gonna post details on here read the forum for that but all i can say is:
1, surprised i still got any monitors that are working
2, surprised dawn has not left me
3, surprised i have not been arrested for email sent to pokerstars
4, surprised i didn't have a chest gripper
5 surprised last bloke who bad beated me has not pressed charges for abuse
gonna give stars a big swerve from now on and probably on line poker as a whole.
only played once live in circus £50 this week and had 17k last hand before break when on big blind with Qs 7s there are 4 flat callers. i check to see flop of K 4 9 all spades. I bet out 2K and get called in 2 spots. turn is 2 diamonds and i bet out 8K. first guy thinks for ages then passes next guy shoves all in for xtra 4K. i call he shows As 3h. you guessed it spade on river he starts whooping and i look at my 4.k left thinking fucking dickhead. he then says ' knew i was gonna hit' to which i reply ' did it not cross your mind that the other guy prob had jack spades(to which he said yes) leaving you with 6 cards to hit to win, assuming no one else had any spades(to which 2 people say i did). he just said i won didnt i and went off on his break. First hand back i then find myself having a conversation with 2 other players on table who tell me i played hand wrong as i should have passed when he re raised the extra 4k as it was obvious he had the ace flush!!! i correct them saying he still needed to hit but they still said i should have passed. at this stage im having to really struggle to keep my anger and mouth in check when dealer says its your turn i look at my cards and see QQ , throw my chips in, and announce wanna see me play this hand shite as well do yas???. table pisses themselves and i get a caller with 66 and double up. eventually go out next orbit when i re raise a 1600 bet all in for 8.5k with 88 and get insta called by A 6 and board comes Q 3 A 6 A. decide to go home cos Mrs card guard got 30k in chips and dont like circus enough to sit there watching for 4 hours.
Planning on hitting teeside for the poker tour and think davy is gonna join me so open invite to anyone who wants to come i will be driving me and dc down and back every day so if ya wanna come let me know.
If music be the food of love then play on is the quote and its about time for another video to hit your screens. will be consulting with dc to make sure recording studios have not been damaged in recent floods and if ok another vid shortly.
10 weeks and counting to my vegas trip cant wait just love whipping those yankee asses at poker cos love to hear them whine. my retort is always the same and goes as follows ' im just getting my own back for all the shitty and ridiculous bad beats you yanks have inflicted on me on sites such as full tilt and pokerstars. see how it makes you feel??' to which i normally have a 20 minute debate about whether europeans or americans are best players and depending on whether i outlast guys im arguing with i either gloat and say told europeans are better or skulk away saying ' worse than playing on full tilt'. mostly tongue in cheek and i love every minute of being in vegas so much so that i only sleep about 4 hours a day.
reet off to bed cos am knackered.


TEAMDOBB said...

Yive been sufferiing in many ways m8 but chin up.
We kick ass in Teeside m8 divnt worry.
Onlines rigged and I know what ya mean about the Circus hitsquad

Anonymous said...

ppl who play at circus are morons and even if he was long odds on to have the A flush how can u fold.

just reply; oh eeeh ah ah!