Losing Faith

I just need to do a post to get my frustration out. I had a great month last month on poker but this month the down swings have been coming and its thick and fast. When you are playing just cash poker its the big pots and the draws u r goin for and people are goin against if that boils down to.

For me this has been in form of countless times all in with bigger pairs all in before flop and they hitting their poxy smaller pair



Brenos said...

Having a bit of nightmare month with this myself mate.

Plug on through it put in some extra play and it'll come good. I'm starting to see some luck finally this month and hope my good work ethic and results continue!

Previously I'd take a break for a few days and come back fresh, but this time I have decided to kind of force myself to play and respect the game again. Each to their own though, hope you pull it back soon :-)