Forum Growth Continues

Yesterday saw me go through 3000 posts at the Newcastle Poker Forum and I was prompted by someone else yesterday to make sure I posted something to highlight this. Totally forgot to be honest until Ive just read Cardguards 2000 post thread.
So here goes at what I think has been achieved from a personal point of view.

Growth of forum and content has been beyond what we expected and I honestly believe we have one of if not the strongest forums in the UK.

Away days at Blackpool in AWOP & APAT Team games were memorable for various reasons but mainly for bringing together the idea of the forum and the base as to what alot of the forum is all about.

After a somewhat slow start the forum really kicked off by our exposure at our live coverage at Newcastles leg of the GUKPT and the live updates we did to local players. This was well received and helped alot obviously by a local winner and deep finishing positions by a few more local players. People then really started to notice the forum and give it the recognition it deserved.
Dont want this next bit to sound too gay but it was at GUKPT Newcastle leg that Mr McNally showed his interest in the forum and to be honest the posting whore (love him or hate him ) certainly began his one man assault at the forum and made people aware of what was happening.

Stronger friendships have evolved through the forum and as good friends are very difficult to find then the forum has certainly provided this for me.

Ive also been made aware and very proud at how a 20 year old young man has taken an idea and created something he should be very proud of.

I have also very much appreciated the compliments we have received from various people but more so from alot of people who previously you would never expect to give them due to the image they have created for themselves.

The online games between forum players I think will steadily grow together with online team challenges and live forum challenges which are already being talked about and in the early stages of planning.

The Forum Championship will be a huge success and a big thank you here to Scott on his planning and efforts being put in, the original idea given here by Looseman and Im sure on the day the enthusiasm by certain members like Card Guard & Mr Entertainment who will make this day be talked about for ages.

The birth of the rail and the word ship has been amazing and well done to all members who have achieved some amazing results and hope the rails have played their parts in helping somewhat to this. Its kinda unique in my opinion.

The pleasure I got from making 2 piss take music videos all created by an idea in a silly thread about changing music lyrics in songs to poker related stuff will be with me forever and I still piss me self laughing when I watch them

Finally thanks to each and every member who has joined the forum and hopefully who continue to log in to see whats going on and make whatever contribution they feel they can in helping to make the NPF the number 1 talked about poker forum in the UK.


Ukgatsby said...

wd wd

Poker play the Soap way said...

well done chaps.

now get some links etc that get yous a few $ for efforts