All aboard please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With so many near misses in this tournament my 4th Final had me in determined mood despite a couple of very unlucky beats over weekend in other games, none more so than the Gala $1475 package I bubbled on to runner runner flush.

Not bore you with detailed hand stuff but just to say a couple of big folds at vital times and patience paid off. Couple of races held up and big hands held for a change so when 6/7 left my stack was used well imo to keep the pressure on others.
One scarey moment when 6 left saw me with AA on the BB and an utg raise to 7200 for then the only person at table who had more chips than me call the 7200. I could see the perfect set up hand coming with the big stacks here AA v KK and the magic K appearing but fk it in they all went. Thankfully they both folded and tbh after that it was cruise control into the Caribbean baby!!!!!

Nice room with meal packages and some spendies as well. Taking the missus and son Scott and it will be his 1st experience of a major overseas event.

cruise details


gyposdog said...

nice 1 dave know youv e been trying for this 1 for a while, suck it up and enjoy the moment actually fk that just get something else won now while your hot :) gr8 result

Vegas Dave said...

Well done mate, should be a good experience for yer. n1

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Brilliant TD,happy holidays

Poker play the Soap way said...

sweet well done didnt see this earlier when posted comment