Sponsorship Deal ends with a little flourish

Sunday saw the end of my sponsorship deal with Teamdobb, and I finally managed to cash in the Sunday game at Aspers. No real hands to write about, but I did enjoy the game and I cant remember being all-in until the final table, even though I was never really well stacked at any point.
Disappointing turnout out for the 3rd sunday running and I think that players who turned up were of the feeling that there is no value in the pot anymore, so unless numbers randomly increase significantly I can see Aspers needing to change the game. But I just cant see numbers for this game getting any better as people are skint, recession fears and also the standard of PokerStars Sunday evening schedule.

I would like to thank TD for staking me throughout the month and I have enjoyed representing him.

The final financial position for september was: outgoings £495. Winnins £440, which meant on the whole i wasnt too much down, but unfortunately TD lost 275 on the deal.

All in all september was a pretty hectic month; starting work Monday-Friday and playing poker all weekend, so during October I will be taking a bit of a step back from poker and spending more time looking for a job more suited to my long term ambitions (as my first shot at being a sponsored pro died in the water a little - haha)


TEAMDOBB said...

Well done Dan mate, been a pleasure.
That little bit of luck you need at vital stage and wudda been profitable venture.

Ive enjoyed the interest matey and got to know you better as well. Worth more than money that mate