3rd Time lucky please

Popped over to Grosvenor for their £500 Freeroll and tbh cudnt believe the shocking turnout of only 40 players. The place has had so much stick lately about its reg fees n sarnie prices yet they put a freebie like this on and the turnout is nothing more than crap.

Grinded hard to get chips but always struggled and my top hand I was getting seemed to be AQ but unable to turn it into chips. Blinds began to kick in and with 16 left I made up the 4 way pot in the sb with 85. On a flop of K67 I made the bad mistake of checking - why I dont know with what I had left and shudda pushed at the flop and the button eventually bet enough to put me all in. I duly obliged and he made the commnet " Think you got me at it" when he flipped JQ. Not quite and no help with all me outs and bye bye.
Well done Grosvenor on this one just a pity the turnout let them down. Mind you they were competing with Newcastle United v Blackburn - omg least said the better.

Had 2 games online I had been looking forward to tonight even though they were clashing with the X Factor 0:)
1st game was the Gala Saturday Final for packages into their Teeside Event. Its a slow slog this one and get down to last 3 with virtually 2 X $1475 Packages up for grabs and Im 6k adrift of 2nd place with AdJh in sb so put my raise in and get re popped so considering situation its gamble time as far as Im concerned so push to insat call. Its my AJ v QQ and I hit my Ace to the flop. Turn brings 3 hearts to the board and fk hes got the Qh. Bang there it is and another heart on the river takes me down and all that grind for f.a.
During this Im also in the Main Sat into tomorrows CPC Final and hey ho its 5 seats on there and bubble time. Lose important hand and become low stacker but AhKh gets tangled up with AA and Im through to the final. After last weeks cock up I know the shuffle up n deal time without doubt is 18.00 and I wont be late this week. Hoping this week is 3rd time lucky for me.


Paisley Bob said...

Unlucky with the usual bollox of runner,runner online poo i just hope am not on your table when you get some good fortune unless its the final table of course :)

TEAMDOBB said...

cheers rob or phil???