Hi, im Spilla_Artois and will be posting on here for the next month.

As Teamdobb has outlined I will be sponsored in certain local games this month on a 50/50 deal. My posts will generally include my results from these games (9 or 10 in total). The first game will be tonight at Circus in the £500 added game and whilst I sit in my lounge, still amazed at the stories that have transpired in the football world over the last 24 hours, and also tired from my 3rd day in a new job, I am excited for the month of poker ahead.
My previous poker expirience is small buy-in local tourneys in Newcastle and friendly games. I have played in a few National Student tournaments and also one side event in the Newcastle leg of the GUKPT. My biggest cash coming in the last event on that list.
My online experience is limited and I dont regard myself as an online player and I very rarely play cash.
Teamdobb's confidence in my game has lead to renewed self-confidence and I hope that over the next 29 days I will be posting a good return on his investment.

I look forward to contibuting to this blog and also representing the Newcastle Poker Forum and DC Handrails & Ironwork Parts for the month of September!


TEAMDOBB said...

Good luck mate now go get em!!

For those that know me well you know I dont throw money away easy!!!

gyposdog said...

fkn hell 2nd day on the job and already put more effort in than the rest fk waiting till end of month im up for sacking them off NOW! gl for the month spilla

Anonymous said...

I rate you very highly; Ive never seen you play but other ppl said your good so Im just gonna repeat that


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Good luck Dan and watch the roads.
Gypos put the p45's away for a few weeks and Teamdobbs where the f does my orange B keep going???

mag1892 said...

good luck dan , i know u will be in profit.