Just cant get past post

Back trouble has had me in pain all week and had to put my fitness regime on slight hold till pain goes. Think I did it getting tiles at B&Q on Sunday.

Tuesday its the Circus £30 Double Chance and not much to report actually. Played OK and back after break with average chips. Started to get bored and drift away and constant laps of shite saw me get excited when I see AdKd and with one limper I BBx4 bet it to which the blinds fold but the limper calls. Flop comes QQ3 and from his check I push for my last 2.5k and insta called by KQ off.

Played like a total donk in CPC satellite when cruising and virtually guaranteed a seat into next stage by getting involved with the big bully big stack who called my top pair down all the way to make his straight at the river and crippled me eventually going out 2 off a seat - what a fkn donkey play by me. Followed this with a freeroll with 5 seats for grabs into next stage of Gala game and just miss out getting outdrawn with my QQ to the monsta A2 caller and nearly 3 hours play.

Thursday and Aspers and the £50 Freeze Out. Double up early doors when my JJ makes nice top set on a J 10 5 flop and when guy raises my bet all in hes drawing very very thin with his J 10.
Steady away from there and although lose race with my 10 10 v AK for big pot at vital stage get to final table although 4th lowest stack.
Nice double through with QQ making house and called by 10 10 with Q & A on board and then my raise with 10 10 is called by BB to a 568 flop. I push on his check and after tanking for while he calls showing As7s but no help.
Decent stack now and after 3 shoves in a row by Rob Richardson from cut off Im expecting it maybe again when Im sitting with QQ but its the button push this time holding 88 and Q89 flop gets me home and 2nd in chips.
Down to 4 and after folding winning hand to river bluff by chip leader I pick up KK and single raise into Robs BB hoping for push judging by his chip stack. Get what I wanted when he pushes to my insta call and he flips A 10 but the river god shines down on him bringing him the Ace in.
2 hands later I push my last 20k in with AQ for monsta stack leader BB to make call holding 82 off. Thats poker when he makes straight to the 10 and Im gone in 4th.

Just cant seem to get to that winning post at the mo whichever way I play it and vital hands just not holding out when in front at critical stages of games. Big difference in prize money here as well between top 2 which is also disappointing in the finish position although the return should ensure I have profitable month. Would be nice for Spilla to take one down this weekend or even go deep.

Deffo going out for CPC in Novemeber and booked some great flights with BA. More details on this laters.


Gavin said...

hi nice blog, linked you up. Any chance of the same mate

TEAMDOBB said...

""" Gavin said...
hi nice blog, linked you up. Any chance of the same mate"""

no probs if I knew who you are and ya blog mate