Record at Caesars

Enter the Poker room at Caesars for the 12.00 $300 Deep Stack and ffks the queues a mile long and 5 deep to register at 11.45am. Eventually get sorted and seated and the tournie is full with alternates waiting and eventual announcement that todays game is record for room of 705 runners. Pot of $205155.00 with top 76 paid and winner taking $55k.
General crack seems to be alot of locals and Americans are preferring these deep stack hotel games in preference to the WSOP with more play and value for their money.
Double stack up 1st 2 levels move table then double up again within next hour at new table and sitting very comfy. 10 10 paid me off nice twice flopping house once with it to guys set of queens and then bust AA when my AK comes K high flop and turns another K and guy eventually folds at river.
3rd table move and backwards from here in.
Limp early position with AJ on 200/400 and sb makes up 3 way. Flop is A38 rainbow and small blind leads out 4k with 10k behind him to which I call. Strange but he then went as if to fold but is stopped by BB saying " hes only called"
Its check check at turn and river brings another 3 to which he bets another 3k and I call. Shows 34 for set at river then explains he threw the wrong coloured chips in at flop meaning to bet 400 and was folding to what he thought was my raise.
Next strange hand was when I raise 3k with 10 10 mid to face re raise to 15k by big stack and call from BB to which I fold. 8 high flop and BB checks and big stack announces all in. BB thinks then decides to call showing AJd to AKh from big stack.
QQ turn & river for AK to take it down then totally bosses table.
Going backwards and fold a couple of mid pairs to decent raises that hit then survive my 1st all in when getting low when my AKs holds in 3 way pot.
Make dinner break with just over 200 left and when in queue for food start cracking on to Yankee guy in front who asks me where Im from. England Newcastle I explain " Do you know where that it is? " I ask. Sure do he says I lived in Washington for few years and was a Sunderland season ticket holder. He even played Grosvenor and knew Mark Cook very well. What a small world it is.
After dinner it became survival and antes grew fast yet cudnt find opening or hand to shove. Eventually forced on my BB to push blind to raise and turn J10 to guys KQ that doesnt improve.
About 140 left when I bust with play due to finish at 2.00am and returning tomorrow.
Played OK but could of played alot better especially in certain vital hands.


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

unlucky m8 its amazing when we are going through bad patches the mistakes we make,i cant imagine for a second when that guy went to fold you would then check the turn and give him a free card its def a form game.
I can relate to it myself because iam playing like a right *&*& at the minute.Am not missing the bus i just cant find the bus stop!


great reporting mate wish i was out there with you, made final table at grov on friday came out
5th but only had 10k when i got there had k 6 spades on bb flop came 6 4 4 pushed only for small blind to call with a 4. played golf sat morning lost four balls in first three holes, gonna take up tiddly winks!!!.

Robert "Animal" Price said...

GL today matey think im heading out to the venetian again for the midday one.

Pud's Poker said...

As Chipmunk says why didn't you bet the turn if he was going to fold the flop?

Keep the reports coming, I'm insanely jealous!

TEAMDOBB said...

the 3 hit the turn m8 not as I 1st wrote. We check checked the turn then he bet out. Mistake I made was not re raising his flop bet which is where his mistaken chip value through me. All his previous play he raised with any ace so obvious he didnt have an Ace.