Karen33000 Hits the Speed Dating Scene

Alreet its Karen33000 reporting in. Well at the mom I'm trying to play as little poker as possible.

So Friday night comes along and Im twiddling my thumbs until me mate rings me up and says that he has got me and two other lads tickets to some speed dating event tonight! Well Im having a barren spell at cards and on the women front and all so I think stuff a few beers and you never know.

We get there and walk downstairs where it is being held in some pub and dear me it looks like im gonna be in for a long night. Not a single nice one in there and I aint even a picky person!! The score was that you have to dee 3 min with each bird and then tick whether ya like them or not.

First couple I meet were nice enough people and chatty. I gaan bar for a couple more and sit back doon. Some bird sits herself doon and off on our three min we gaan.
On the sheet it says tick yes , no or friends if ya fancied them. I say to her "how there is naye need for that friends boxes we aint here for that". That goes down like a lead ballon she says "wat u just after a shag" and I jokingly sip me pint.

Then I hit death row of 4 birds each chatting about their ex husband! but me mates console me saying there is a gem in the rough on the horizon in the form of some Scottish bird. I eventually get there and she is a rite freak chattin to me about what colour bedsheets I want.

Anyway to cut a long story short at the end of the neet we are about to go and the Scottish bird comes over shouting "goodbye and ya mate from Newcastle is a manic depressant"

omg I never been so blown out I hit rock bottom lol

Am I ready for the pressures of the forthcoming Team event- I hope so!!


TEAMDOBB said...

pmsl loverboy

gyposdog said...

manic deppressant looooooooooooool she sussed you in 3minutes? pmsl

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

I went on a date on speed once it was like trying to pot a snooker ball with a piece of string