Day 3&4

Not alot to write in about to be honest.
Weathers brilliant, place is buzzing and pokers still shite.

Had a laugh at the comments by Mr Entertainment & Gyposdog on last post and they are the sort of guys to certainly bring ya back to earth. Feet on the ground guys and I wish they were over here wooping it up with some of these loud yanks.

Went up to the Rio for a mosey around and to register for the old gits event. Not that busy to be honest but plenty satellites going on for the main event.
Spent an hour or so watching the Pot limit Omaha Event with Phil Ivey near where we were and lots of other well known faces.

Its a long shot but at least Im off to a good start with my WSOP registration. Ironic maybe or the closest I may get to anything but Im TABLE 1 SEAT 1 lolol. Just gotta try and finish number 1 now.

Back down to Caesars cos wow theres certainly plenty action going on in their Poker room and their Megga Stack Series. Its attracting big fields and as such big payouts.

Play the 7.00 $150 and get great table with a guy from Wakefield to my left. He then gets AA about 10 times. 4th level and table breaks up and moved to new table with totally different atmosphere. Guy slow plays AK from mid pos into my BB A10 and on Ace flop does damage to my average stack. Eventually around level 8 and with only 5BB left I push mid position with 10 10 and JJ is round the corner. Looks like its another Vodka Red Bull please. P.S. Over $9k for the winner of this.

Its tough and enclosed a picture of our room just to let you see how hard it is out here with you lot back home in ya cosey beds.
Ill be right back soon.


Robert "Animal" Price said...

how many caesars getting in the 12pm games ??? dont spose u been to venetian yet to compare numbers ???

PS: Make sure all poker rooms are stocked up massively on white russian ingredients from sunday onwards.


TEAMDOBB said...

350 today nearly 500 other day.
Venetian just as busy as ever but the Caesars Events have been big success. Only game thats suffered compared to previous years is the 11.00.

TEAMDOBB said...

p.s. enuff white russians until sat night they reckon!!!