No Critiscm Intended m8 BWTF?

You just cant let this game get to you or if it does then dont play it but its amazing what you see at times and at certain stages its even worse.
Had a great time on me hols here in Vegas and Ive got 2 more tournies to play.
I decide to play the $150 7pm in Caesars which attracts over 200 runners and chugging along nicely when daft twat knocks a cup of coffee over the felt and the table is broke to which Im moved to really tuff table.
Eventually get some crack going and WSOP dealer to my left has the table in stitches when he opens up with his crack.
Low chipped he goes on a 14 hand run of all ins and tables a nice high stack but eventually he runs into a suck out and the action man is lost.
Settles down then and a big jump in antes and big jump in blinds so starts sorting out the field including me who am totally card dead with 4 4 being best hand Ive seen in an hour and as such am low.
Eventually with a limper and one off the button I see suited Q10 and push em in for BB to announce RAISE. OMG a monsta obvious and its heads up me n BB all in. We down to last 30 odd now with 18 paid.
Flip and my Q10 is met by the sight of Qc2d- Yip I repeat Qc2d.
No guessing what I see 1st as dealers to my right and that is a Q but followed by 7 then 2. Wp GG shake of hand and what the fuck was that all about? Can anyone out there explain that to me cause I certainly dont understand stupid plays like that and if Im daft then I need to change this game we play. Why isolate in that position with utter shite like that? then get rewarded makes it even worse.

Rob " Animal " Price was on the table next to me and well enoughed stacked to certainly make at least the money and even enough getting the right cards now to go all the way. $5k for winner but like in most of these they are very top heavy with top 3 where its all about and push poker being played in most hands now. As I left there were 20 odd left so good luck Rob.

On my way out I passed the tables of the $120 game that kicked off at 11.00 and recognise a face there from all the WSOP Main Event hype that you see on TV.
The guy made final few of Main Event 2007 taking home over $1 million and here he was playing this badly structured $120 game and not wanting to sound nasty but actually looking really rough and worse for wear. Wonder if hes spewed all his wonga back into the Poker eating machine called Vegas? Easily done Im sure getting carried away in this crazy game that can promise you so much yet is always waiting there to take it all back.

One more tournie left and then back to UK reality and the surroundings of Dusk till Dawn Nottingham for the Virgin Festival which to be honest Im really looking forward to after my experiences of the last 12 days. Its always nice to come home.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up mate. Great blogs, shame you havent had any lucks or success yet, but good luck for the last tourney and bring it home for the boys!!!