Day 2

Good nights sleep always helps and it seems the old body clock has switched ok into the new time zone. First impressions are although its very hot at least its bearable unlike last year and we are able to enjoy the pool. Its been dramatically reduced in size due to a huge new tower going up alongside where pool 2 used to be and it now seems overcrowded all around.
Spend half the day crashed around the pool then had to do abit of shopping as I had left me toiletries in the bathroom back home.
Eventually play the 11.00 in Caesars which doesnt attract the normal field it was last year maybe due to wider choice they now have on and the Poker room is certainly buzzing. Bump into Tom 1_Fish who tells me about a few local wins across at Venetian notably Eric Barker taking down a good comp.
The 11.00 to be honest was a no show affair and with a reasonably sensible and straight forward table its a pity I dont pick up anything of note and slowly get chipped away in this short structure despite trying to make things happen in position with poor cards. Best hand I see is AJ and on a 10 A 7 board a guy follows my bet then comes out betting strong when another 10 hits the turn. I decide to fold showing my Ace and he kindly shows me K 10. Eventually on about the 6th level of a very quick structure my BB is raised and short stacked I push them all in with KsQs to see initial raiser turn over AQ. Queen hits the flop but thats it and its an earlier night than I wanted in my 1st game.
Oh well plenty more games to choose from although Im just not feeling it at the mo. Confidence is at a low which is not the norm for me. Need a result to kick me into action. Maybe tomorrow?


Jimmy Chipmunk said...

Every tourny that you dont win is a tourny nearer to your next win so dig in and think nothing but positive thoughts.


the answer is VODKA LIME AND SODA doesnt make you win "you just care less " stop whinging your there we are here enough said lol

gyposdog said...

all the dramas building up nicely the lows at the start and then MEGA BLOG super highs with ya old timers wsop bracelet:) good luck mate and most important ENJOY!!

gyposdog said...

P.S. almost forgot for those off you who attended the garden party of the year this time last year im glad to say its on again this weekend just finishing filling the waterfall with shirazz. fellside:).

TEAMDOBB said...

lolol luv the comments.
Do you know where the switch is for the waterfall Gypos? and the keys for the Shiraz cellar?
There under the mat m8 enjoy.

I hit the Vodka N Red Bulls and the Miller Lites and ya rite they dont make you win but make you lose less as you sleep longer