4 day countdown and the full new "Teamdobbs" meet for the annual team event at Grosvenor Newcastle followed next day by my departure for the bright lights of Las Vegas and The World Series of Poker 2008 visit.

The annual Team event sees the introduction of 3 new members who I know are really looking forward to the event and their debuts. The event has been well hyped up at the Newcastle Forum with bountys being placed on certain players heads combined with last weekends brilliant day in Blackpool at World of Pokers team event which clearly impressed alot of the forum members that attended. As such extra spice is added to our local event and our meet up Osbournes in trendy Jesmond will be jumping and Im sure a few of our rivals on the night will turn up there as well to wind us all up. Bring it on we say and Im sure the pics will follow of a very loud & nosiy night with wind ups galore and alot of pride to be played for.
Team meet at 5.30 with 6.00 - 7.00 Happy Hour

Quick explanation as to why new member Jimmy Chipmunk aint posted yet and thats because he tried to rip his broadband company off by not paying them and they cut him off. Hes since won a few bob at poker and managed to save up enough to get his line back on and hopefully he will make his 1st post very soon.

Im going to try and do a Vegas diary and will keep this as updated as I can during my trip.


Platonic_ said...


TEAMDOBB said...

Seems Platonic is abit confused.
Easily done Ive been told.

mag1892 said...

gl in vegas davey.

Jimmy Chipmunk said...

I will be getting out just in time for this weekends team game luckily the warden plays poker